Novade Product Update for May, 2018


  • App Fixes
  • iOS 5.8.20 is in the App Store


Novade Quality

  • Fixes
    • Mobile – Notification to subcons when a case has been confirmed has been modified to display accurate numbers.
    • Mobile – iOS users can now see Rectified status defects.
  • DLP periods can be set per unit instead of a global setting for the entire database.
  • Survey forms can be made available in the homeowner app.
  • Updates to UI look and feel.
  • Unit forms tab interface in terms of sorting/grouping is the same on mobile and web.
  • Users now have tools to merge & renumber cases and see orphan defects.
  • Users who do not have view info rights will not be able to see Case signatures or download a PDF with the signature.
  • Forms can now pull information from the People app.
  • Web – Global dashboards now have a view by Form.
  • Web – Units tab, display only hierarchy columns that have data in them.
  • Web – Location filter now includes “Other” locations as an option.
  • Web – Unit dashboard: Units with No Defects tracker has been renamed to ‘Not Inspected’.
  • Mobile – Message after closing case has been modified to say “case PDF will be sent to archive email after next sync”.
  • Mobile – Added sort by Type view in Unit >> Defects tab.
  • Mobile – Last lodged defect type shows up at the top of the list in the wizard.
  • Mobile – Added Create Form button in the Forms tab.


Novade Safety

  • Fixes
    • Web – Target Rectification Days of NCR Risk Level can now be modified at project level.
    • Web – WPTW screens not automatically refreshing after an action.
    • Mobile – Photos disappear from Incidents when moving to the next stage.
  • Added ability to have an NCR master list per project.
  • NCRs can now have a sub-type.
  • Added ability to identify which form item was used to create an NCR.
  • Web – PDF configuration options moved to Project Centre.
  • Web – Admin users can now delete the entire NCR master list.
  • Web – Pop-up added to guide a user to choose between creating NCR, PTW, Safety Form, Observation etc. instead of having to go to individual sub-modules tab.
  • Web – Units tab now displays only hierarchy columns that have data in them.
  • Mobile – NCR descriptions are sorted alphabetically during NCR Creation.


Novade Maintenance

  • Web
    • Added ability to search for assets when creating a job.
    • When creating a request, the unit or address is mandatory.
    • Improved schedule view to show more information.
    • Added certificate feature for assets.
    • Added dashboard for certificates for assets.
    • Able to export/import certificates for assets.
    • Notify managers X months before certificate expiry date, where X is customizable.
    • Able to export/import contracts for assets.
    • Added dashboard for contracts for assets.
  • Mobile
    • External technician can only see jobs assigned to them.
    • Display certificate status for asset added.
    • Standardized views for navigating to a specific unit/asset from various places on mobile added.
    • Fixed clicking submit button for inspection and repairs, needs to go back several times.


Novade Activity

  • Teams and companies can now be assigned to a task.
  • Only people with manager or admin rights can edit a task or activity.
  • Edition menu is now available on mobile.
  • Forms can now be filtered by date, owner and template.
  • Forms can now be exported in Excel format.



  • Web:
    • Mass imports to create and update users with or without accounts via Excel Files.
    • Prevent leave creation/deletion if it conflicts with already existing timecards.
  • Web & Mobile: Reset NFC Code / QR Code of a user to disable previously created tags (in case of loss, for example).
  • Mobile
    • Easier ‘user without account’ creation and assignation to projects and teams added.
    • Reading of QR Code to access person information page available.
    • Users can now scan an existing QR Code and assign it to a user to set it as Kiosk authentication method and to access this person’s information page.