Novade Product Update for October, 2018


  • Fixes
  • The New Safety Landing Dashboard and Consolidated My Actions Dashboard will be launched on October 17th. It will give managers a better overview of the Safety Items on Site and users the ability to view all outstanding actions at a glance.

Novade Quality

  • Fixes –
    • Fixed issue where the color of questions was not appearing in the PDF export.
    • Fixed an issue with totals of defects in exported Case excel not matching data on the web.
  • Web –
    • Improved filter for By Tag Dashboard. Defects and Cases viewed By Tag can also be viewed By Status.
    • If there are multiple floor plans with defects marked on them, export all floorplans in the PDF.
    • Custom fields in Units can be used as search terms in the search bar.
    • Excel export from By Tag dashboard now formats numbers as numbers instead of text.
    • If a defect is orphaned, instead of restoring a previous case, a new case will be created. This prevents previously deleted defects from being restored as well.

Novade Safety

  • Web –
    • New Safety Landing Dashboard with a consolidated view of Safety related activity on a project and Actions to be performed.
    • Exclude drafts from the total number of Safety forms that a user can see.

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixes –
    • Fixed an issue where the spare parts category/group filter shows nothing when a project filter is applied.
  • Web –
    • Improved Utility Dashboards with filters and discrete values.


Novade Activity

  • Web –
    • Tasks can be sorted in order of creation instead of alphabetically
    • Users with employee access can access all projects in Activity instead of only projects where they have tasks assigned
    • Improved dashboard to view tasks held up by rejected forms
    • Ability to add custom fields of type Photo and Header
    • Ability to have a custom field type called Tags


  • Fixes –
    • Fixed an issue when users were not made project owners even if the project was added to their profile.
  • Web –
    • Added a column in Companies table view for projects that a company has access to.
    • Added a check to ensure that a subcon user is added to a Company.
    • Improved interface for adding a user so that more info can be added easily.
    • Ability to link files to people.
    •  Ability to merge companies.