Novade Product Update for September, 2018


  • Fixes
  • iOS 5.8.25 is in the App store

Novade Quality

  • Fixes –
    • Fixed an issue with the User Rights search bar on the web not showing correct results.
  • Partial Signatures are now stored in the database and PDFs with partial signatures can be generated at any time.
  • Defects can be moved from one project to another. The phase function is deprecated.
  • Multi-select and tag functions on mobile and web.
  • Restricted Consultant company type introduced. Users in these companies can be restricted to seeing data generated by users within their company, but can have more rights than a sub-contractor.
  • Web –
    • Unit tag filter added to Unit table view.

Novade Safety

  • NCR –
    • NCRs display a coloured bar according to their risk level.
    • Work start date is deprecated.
  • NCR Mobile –
    • Users who are cc’ed on an NCR are also notified.
  • Incidents –
    • Date, Type, Hazard & Hazard source are only editable in draft state.
    • Improved PDF export.
    • NCRs can be added to Incidents.
  • Meetings –
    • New feature to be able to record toolbox and other types of meetings/ briefings.
  • Form roles can be used in Incidents, PTWs and Safety Forms.

Novade Maintenance

  • Ability to have workflows in Maintenance forms and checklists.
  • Repairs no longer have the step ‘To Complete’. The workflow is Start >> Submit.
  • Web –
    • Ability to multi-select and delete maintenance jobs.
    • Standardized UI for Maintenance and Repair job buttons.


  • Fixes –
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect apps being allowed during mass imports.
    • Fixed an issue with users being given access to forms & files app.
    • Fixed an issue with project name not showing on timecard.
  • Added Consultant and Restricted Consultant Company types.
  • Web –
    • Added search by login email functionality.
    • Added check to prevent empty username fields when creating a new user.
    • Added check to prevent assigning sub-contractors to companies that are not designated as sub-contractors.