Novade Product Update for April, 2019



  • The latest version of the Novade iOS app is 5.8.32 is now available in the iTunes store.

Novade Quality

  • Added ability to geo-localise Forms.
  • The By Block Dashboard will not appear if a project does not have spatial hierarchy level 1 defined.
  • Added more flexibility for computing DLP end date per project.
  • The ability for subcontractors to see the reason for a reopened defect is set by default.
  • When exporting a defect PDF, file name will include case number.
  • Mobile –
    • Ability to change the target rectification date when lodging a defect.
    • If a defect is confirmed without an assignee, there will be a pop-up warning.

Novade Safety

  • Web –
    • Fixed the Risk Level Filter for NCR.
    • In PTW Status, Weekly PTWs with Pending Approval status will not be under Draft status.
    • All NCR Risk Levels are now displayed on the Dashboard.
  • Added ability to display 3D Models in Safety.
  • Safety Forms – added ability to exclude specific Safety Form Templates from archival.
  • NCR –
    • NCR assignee list will only include users who have access to Safety.
    • Web –
      • Ability to view NCRs by Date on the NCR Dashboard.
      • Able to mass-delete data.
  • Observations –
    • Added ability to add Location.
    • Added the option to have “Others” as an Observation Type.
    • Added ability to pin an Observation location on a Drawing.
    • Web –
      • Able to view Closed Negative Observations under Observations Status.
      • Able to mass-delete data.
      • If the project is using Observations, they will be displayed in the Dashboard.
  • Incidents –
    • Web – If the project is using Incidents, they will be displayed in the Dashboard.

Novade Maintenance

  • Number of Overdue Jobs displayed are consistent across Web and Mobile.
  • Ability to create a Request Job from a form.
  • Displayed tenant details in Inspection view.
  • Added ability to:
    • Manage Asset Condition Status.
    • Mass-assign inspection jobs.
    • Manage Cost of Repair per Repair Type for each Asset Model.
    • Manage Asset Allocation for each Stock.
    • Add payer for Repair jobs.
  • Mobile –
    • Reformatted how form names are displayed.
  • Web –
    • Added Project and Asset ID as preset fields to forms PDF export.
    • Consistent alignment for different sections in the forms PDF export.
    • Ability to export discrete utility type with one asset group per Excel.
    • Comments will be included in the job PDF export.
    • Ability to see number of Comments on the Comments tab for a Request Job.
    • Removed Asset tab from Preventive Maintenance Dashboard.
    • Added a Map tab to view the geo-localisation for Request and Repair Jobs.
    • Ability to add multiple tags to an asset.
    • Ability to filter by Asset group or Utility type on Utility Dashboard.

Novade Workforce

  • Added date selector for multi-day timecards.
  • Mobile –
    • Added ability to search for staff when creating leave.
  • Web –
    • Added a dashboard displaying the number of people on site per time of day.

    Novade Activity

    • Display the number of workers currently working on a specific task.
    • When deleting a task, all associated forms and files will be deleted as well.
    • Added ability to view forms by unit.
    • Added ability to geo-localise units and update the coordinates during each activity.
    • Web –
      • Unit Summary Dashboard includes “No Activity” status and ability to filter by Milestone.


    • When deleting a user, there will be a warning if the user is assigned to something.
    • Web –
      • Added the ability to import Homeowners without accounts.