Novade Product Update for February, 2019


  • Quality has new features for a document repository. Documents/files can now be organized in folders and be made available within the Quality module to view or to attach to forms etc.

Novade Quality

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue on iOS where a message was not being marked as read
    • Fixed an issue with case numbering when unit level counters were enabled. Cases were not being numbered with leading zeros
  • Included unit custom fields in excel exports and unit PDF reports
  • Expanded the assignment of defects to Individuals, groups and companies instead of restricting to subcontractor companies
  • Added:
    • Project option to automatically allow subcontractors to see all comments
    • Document/File repository that can be accessed to view common documents/files or be used to attach these common files to forms
    • A project option to allow the adding of Cost to a defect
    • A project option to allow users to upload new drawings to units directly from Quality
  • Web –
    • Added filter for Restricted Consultants on defects table view
    • Added the ability to export the Inspections Calendar view to Excel and also sorted the day view of inspections
    • Improved layout for Units Status dashboard including left justification, sort order, block titles & block filters
    • Added the date and time to pictures in the PDF export of sub-forms
  • Mobile –
    • Added ability to sort by company on Subcontractor in My Actions
    • Added ability to filter cases by tag
    • Added ability to select unit by scanning QR code for Subcontractors
    • UI improvement to include assignee on the main defect view when lodging defects

Novade Safety

  • Fixes –
    • Fixed an issue with the pinning of forms on drawings where the form was being associated with the last pinned location after submission.
    • Fixed an issue where admin users were unable to edit NCRs descriptions after they have been confirmed.
    • Fixed an issue on mobile where in NCRs the incorrect ab was highlighted: details instead of dashboard tab.
  • Safety users are now created with the following default rights
    • Subcon users now have the right to Rectify an NCR by default.
    • Employee users do not have the right to create PTWs by default.
  • Added filter By Assignee for NCRs.
  • Added ability for admin users to identify and delete drafts that are older than 30 days.
  • PTWs –
    • Ability to easily track overdue PTWs and added a reminder to be sent 30 minutes before a PTW is due to expire if it is still open.
    • Weekly PTWs can now have People and Assets linked to them.
    • Weekly PTWs do not need a daily endorsement on the day that they are created if the start date is the same.
  • Observations –
    • The Observations masterlist has been expanded to include sub-types.
    • An observation that is linked to an NCR cannot be deleted.
    • Mobile – Added filter to view Observations that are linked to NCRs.
    • Web – Added a colour code for Observation types/status viz. positive, negative open and negative closed.

Novade Maintenance

  • Added ability to view a site on a map even if there is only one site.
  • Added ability to customize plurals of project hierarchy.
  • Web –
    • Improved filters for viewing Utilities.
    • Added ability to add multiple assets to a maintenance inspection.
  • Mobile –
    • Added ability to see time of the added Repair job in the summary view.
    • Added ability to prompt a job creator that the assignee being assigned the job is busy at that time.
    • When inputting utility readings, the keyboard will switch to a numeric keyboard.

Novade Activity

  • Improved excel import for Activities taking into consideration the Activity template.
  • Modified Activity Status colours.
  • Units summary tab will take the name of hierarchy 3 from the project.
  • Added a check to require the submission of forms attached to an Activity before allowing the Activity to be completed.
  • Web –
    • Added a tab to see all comments on an Activity.
    • Added ability for power user to track changes to Activities.
  • Mobile – Modified view for My Tasks; If a later task is available to be started, it will be displayed first instead of following a strict chronological order.

Novade Workforce

  • UI improvements with new icons.
  • Added check to prevent double leave requests.


  • Added ability for End Users to be given access to all units.
  • Introduced notion of Groups. Groups are more flexible and people can be part of multiple groups.
  • Web –
    • Users are able to edit their own login email, username and password.
    • Added ability to edit the teams managed from the user profile.
    • Added ability to add units to Homeowners/End users from their profiles.
    • Ability to import and export Groups.
    • Power users can now assign a form role to any user.
    • Added Start app and Project Center to list of selectable apps when creating users.
    • Ability to export all QR codes for employees/subcons.