Novade Product Update for March, 2019



  • iOS app ver. 5.8.31
  • A major improvement to our platform now allows us to deploy updates to the Novade app on iOS in real-time. Previously we could only do this for the Android OS. This makes the Novade ecosystem even faster and more nimble than before.

Novade Quality

  • Web –
    • Unit GPS coordinates can now be edited on the web.
    • Multi-select is now enabled for location filters.
    • Added filter for people in the calendar view.
  • Mobile –
    • BIM 360 doc models can be linked to a Novade unit type. Defects and forms can now be created and located on the BIM model.

Novade Safety

  • Fixes –
    • Fixed an issue where only one sub-con in a project created issues with the workflow.
  • Added –
    • Ability to restrict the view of functions like NCRs, PTWs, Observations etc. by user.
    • Ability to add an image to the footer for PDF exports.
    • Support for custom PDFs using Windward.
    • Ability to set auto-archival for PTWs and Safety forms.
  • Web –
    • Unified the web and mobile UI to create PTWs, NCRs, Observations etc. from one button instead of having to go to each separate tab for each function.
    • Incidents – Increased the range of incidents to show on the dashboard from 30 days to one year.
  • Mobile –
    • Added the ability to reorder the tabs in the mobile app and choose a landing screen.
    • PTW – The date displayed on PTWs v2 is the Submitted date instead of the Created date.
    • NCR – Improved UI splits previous Due Today view into Overdue and Due Today.
  • NCR – Added notifications on NCRs for assignees when a comment is added by a cc’ed person and vice versa.
  • Meetings – Ability to add unregistered users directly from a Safety meeting.

Novade Maintenance

  • End-users will now receive notifications if there is a comment added to a Repair Request.
  • Target dates have been added to Inspection jobs. They will show as overdue after the deadline has passed.
  • UI improvements on the web.

Novade Workforce

  • Notifications are now sent to the Manager of a user when facial recognition fails for that account.
  • Added –
    • Custom fields for Qualifications.
    • Ability to check-in/out using Facial Recognition.
  • Mobile –
    • Added ability to mark multiple people on leave or absent.
    • UI improvement – upon scanning a QR/NFC tag, the check-in button is visible on the first page.
  • Web –
    • A History tab added for Leaves.

Novade Activity

  • Activity Settings migrated to Project Center.
  • Tags are now similar to Quality instead of relying on custom fields.


  • New user rights defined for Power Users & Client admins for all modules.