Novade Product Update for May, 2019



  • The latest version of the Novade iOS app is 5.8.33 and is now available on the App Store / iTunes.


Novade Quality

  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where users without the “see client details” right were unable to see the name of the person lodging a defect.
    • Fixed an issue in projects where when no Locations are set up, the locations would show as Others.
    • Fixed an issue where if the info tab was set as the first tab, the view on mobile was confusing.
  • User rights for Quality have been revamped. New categories of users, Power Users and Client Admins, have been added to enable customers in becoming more independent in administering projects and editing data.
  • Defect assignments will now always go to the default contractors assigned in the system, even if the contractor is changed in a one-off instance.
  • Attachments to forms will always be added to the end of a PDF export.
  • Drawings can be uploaded as .PNGs in the file management function.
  • Ability to automatically categorize a photo as Before or After Rectification depending on when the photo is added.
  • Photo fields in forms are now limited to a maximum of 20 photos per field. This is to ensure that forms do not become too big in size.
  • Web –
    • Added an item to track units with all defects completed on the By Unit dashboard.
    • Added a percentage to each bar on the By Type dashboard.
    • On the Closed Cases table view, replaced Target/Completion Date with Closing Date.
    • Added a filter on the Assignee page for Assignee types such as User, Company or Team.
    • Ability to sort the Unit dashboard by ranking by default.
    • Added a log to keep track of when a reopened defect was previously rejected.
    • Added the ability to cluster dots representing units on a map when zoomed out.
  • Mobile –
    • Added the option to make homeowner signatures mandatory when closing a case.
    • While requesting a joint inspection, a homeowner will need to enter numbers and no other characters.


Novade Safety

  • Fixes:
    • Web – Fixed an issue where the search bar was not working on the Contractor List and User Rights pages.
    • PTW (Web) – Fixed an issue where the area filter was not working on the PTW page.
    • PTW – Fixed an issue where users who are part of a group in a workflow stage were not able to edit PTWs.
  • Added ability for admin users to delete data by feature instead of everything at once.
  • Web – Added numbers to items in the left pane.
  • PTW –
    • When adding a piece of equipment to a PTW, the list can now be restricted to a relevant group of equipment.
    • Added ability to create People when adding a new worker to a PTW.
  • NCR – Ability to setup default carbon copies (CCs) for NCRs by unit.


Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed an issue where the asset group filter was not working when adding assets to a repair job.
  • Mobile – Added ability to view the history of an asset in terms of inspections.
  • Web – The unit information is displayed in the table view of Repair jobs.

Novade Activity

  • Added ability to archive tasks to improve performance.
  • Optimization to improve performance when there are a large number of tasks.
  • Mobile –
    • UI changes to match Quality and Safety.
    • Tasks can now be created from the mobile app.
    • Filters added on the Forms view to improve user experience.



  • Fixed an issue where leave reasons were not visible.
  • Sub-contractor users can only add people to their own company.
  • Added configuration alerts for users in the left pane for admin users.