Novade Product Update for October, 2019



Maintenance on mobile devices has a new improved UI which includes a My Actions section. The Activity UI has been optimised to improve performance. You should have a much faster experience on the mobile app.

Novade Quality

  • Added:
    • A function where when all defects in a case are Rejected, when the case is confirmed, it goes straight to Completed status instead of Work in Progress.
    • New Abilities:
      • For users to see files uploaded by other users.
      • For users to rotate files in the Files section.
      • For multiple users to be designated unit manager by adding a group as unit manager.
      • To create only specific forms based on templates linked to unit types.
    • (Web) a column in the Files table views to indicate which unit a file belongs to.

Novade Safety

    • Fixes:
      • Mobile – Fixed an issue where the Other type was not showing as a selection option for Actions.
      • Fixed an issue where users who were not part of a workflow stage were still able to see custom buttons.
      • Actions:
        • Assignees can now be changed even after an Action has been confirmed.
        • Web
          • Added a log to track any edits.
          • Added a column to indicate which form an action was created from.
      • Web:
        • Added a column to Forms table views to show number and status of punch items attached to a form.
      • Mobile:
        • Added a pop-up message on mobile whenever a subform is created. Also added a list of which subforms were added in the edit view of the main form. If the list is longer than 5 items, a number is displayed with the ability to click on it and view the names of the subforms added.
      • Observations:
        • Added the ability to tag observations.
      • PTWs:
        • Added the ability to check the qualifications of users added to a PTW.

    Novade Maintenance

    • Fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where deadline could be set before the date of the inspection.
    • Added:
      • Added a history item in Inspections when a repair request is created from it.
      • The ability to schedule meter reading jobs and an improved UI to find them easily.
      • The creator name to Inspections and Repair Jobs.
      • The ability for multiple teams to be able to manage one asset group.
    • Mobile:
      • New improved UI which includes My Actions.
    • The history of an asset can now be viewed in a separate history tab. 

    Novade Activity

    • Fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where after editing a subform, the screen would switch to the main form instead of the submit view of the subform.
    • Added:
      • The ability to select photos/files when duplicating a form.
      • The ability to attach a file to a task.
    • Improved PDF exports.
    • Change of colour of overdue tasks to orange when they have been started.
    • Milestones have been revamped to be more effective.
    • The location of tasks are now displayed.
    • Web:
      • Added:
        • The ability to search for units from the global search bar.
        • Additional filters to various views.
        • The ability to export QR codes of multiple assets/units at the same time.
        • Ability to see the unit reference number on the Unit Summary dashboard.
        • A section for units not linked to activities in the Show By Unit tab of Activity table view.
        • An import/export function to update Activity templates.
    • Mobile:
      • Added:
        • Category Name and Activity Name under task for clarity.
        • Ability to tag an activity.

    Novade Workforce

    • Added a function to delete all activities.