Novade Product Update for April 2022


Updates to Homeowner app to prevent defect syncing issues

Just like that, April has come and gone. The Novade team continues to work hard to launch updates that provide value to you. Over the past year, the team has launched 86 new features across Novade’s modules to help you manage compliance and track performance on your projects.

In April, the team updated the Homeowner app to ensure homeowners are online before they proceed to lodge a defect during the defect liability period (DLP). With the new checks added, homeowners do not have to worry about lodged defects not syncing or missing the DLP period.

Novade Quality

  • Added a check to ensure that homeowners are online before lodging a defect to prevent issues with defects not syncing and defects being lodged after the warranty has expired
  • Added a column in Excel export by Type to show the reason for “Send Back to”
  • Fixed issues:
    • Homeowners could see the additional info field for other defects after lodging one defect
    • The date filters on the Forms dashboard showing incorrect filters
    • The Excel export of table view of forms not reflecting changes to date field types
    • Exporting custom PDFs
    • The mandatory field could be skipped in a form
    • Sorting of subforms by date in the main form view was not working
    • Push notifications not being delivered for some stages of RFIs
    • The signature field on the web for RFIs was not working
    • RFIs showing as Failed even after the Reject action is cancelled
    • The web freezing when trying to access calendar or cases
    • Other showing twice under Location selection on the web
    • Subforms could be created directly without creating the main form
    • The Defects page was not loading
    • Unit plan not visible and defect photos could not be opened
    • Timekit bookings failing

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Unit Types are now available for use in Safety-HSE
  • Improved Actions risk levels to be able to add more than 5 risk levels
  • Improved the UI for subforms so that a user can easily access the Main form just like in Quality
  • Fixed issues:
    • Multiple issues related to the display of Actions created from Inspections
    • A rotated image in a PTW not showing as rotated in the preview
    • Not being able to create Incidents on the web
    • Selection of a location to create a form was mandatory
    • The Inspection dashboard was inaccessible
    • Users unable to see tasks they need to do in “My Task”
    • Users were unable to view photos on the web
    • Creating PTWs and Forms from the Safety landing page
    • Exporting PDFs

Novade Reports

  • Added the ability to:
    • Duplicate a site diary template
    • Filter Activities templates in Activities master list pages
    • View a table with all available Tracking categories in a timesheet
    • Click on table cells to input values and to see them in the table in a timesheet
    • Display all the text of pinned Activities of a Report on mobile
    • Storage signature feature on web
    • Include Activities custom fields in the Breakdown detailed export
    • Unmerge cells in dashboards
  • Fixed issues:
    • Workforce: showing hours from another day (linked to time change)

Novade Maintenance

  • Revamped the day view of Inspection Schedule to include the list of assignees and their inspections for the day
  • Added the new fields – Expected Duration, Inspection Priority and Inspection Classification to Excel exports and imports for Inspections and Recurring events, as well as displayed them on PDF exports
  • Added an API endpoint to create, retrieve and update recurring events
  • Fixed issues:
    • Team Managers were not receiving notifications for submitted Jobs
    • Assignees were unable to see Inspections/Jobs assigned to them
    • PDFs and Excel exports were not displaying generated Inspections

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issues:
    • Last activity cannot be expanded from the Gantt view
    • PDF export of multiple forms does not contain attached drawings and files
    • Activities not displaying

Novade People

  • Fixed issues:
    • Creating new user accounts
    • Renewing Qualification button

Project Center

  • Added the ability to not display the Reject button on workflow steps of a form
  • Added audit logs for the creation and deletion of custom dashboards
  • Fixed issues:
    • A user was unable to unselect a Question Field’s answer
    • Step 9 Define Defect Master List was not working
    • Users could not be removed from workflow steps in a duplicated template


  • Fixed issues:
    • Different types of users were seeing different version history for Certificates
    • Asset types could not be deleted
    • Users were being directed to a list of certificates instead of specific Asset certificates

Novade Insights

  • Removed previous code that was used before the migration
  • Pushed custom dashboards tab(s) as the first Insights tab(s)
  • Fixed issues:
    • High-level risk actions count was incorrect
    • Some duration calculations were incorrect
    • Corrected a misspelling in labels on PTW dashboard

Novade Connect

  • Added the ability to create new Activity Templates when they are relevant in Primavera P6 but not present in Novade
  • Added the ability to calculate the quantity sum from multiple reports templates (previously only single reports template) to be sent to Primavera P6
  • Added the automation to send CSP report (list of clients and worksites) to Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) monthly
  • Fixed issues:
    • Pensees profiles cannot be synced to Novade due to duplicate profiles in Pensees
    • Primavera P6 recipe due to technical limitation of maximum 1000 elements in SQL filter statement
    • Workbench API 500 internal server error due to changes in Workbench API response.
    • Intercorp 400 Bad Request, due to a mismatch in serial number in Thermal Scanner Group