Novade Quality

  • Added an optional field to include reason for duplicating a form

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Improved the date range/period filter in Archival

Novade Reports

  • Added a check to prevent to enter an end value lower than the start value for a cumulative meter reading field
  • Added the ability for a person to register a timecard and leave on the same day
  • Added the ability to choose the colours for toggle options
  • Added the ability to add planned start and completion dates to an activity
  • Added a checkbox next to absences so as to multiselect them for deletion
  • Changed the terminology of “Present” and “Absent” to “Presence” and “Absence”

Novade Maintenance

  • Removed the display of the unit selection page for projects without units when creating an inspection
  • Mobile – changed the camera icon to a QR Code icon on the project landing page
  • Mobile – displayed full name of Block/Level/Unit for recurrent inspections
  • Mobile – removed the object selection page when only one object is enabled on the database
  • Web – allowed users to create recurring event from Assets page

Novade Activity

  • Web – removed the edit and export icons for forms in the archived tasks which are added from the ‘Display Archived Data’ button

Project Center

  • Added an option in the Template setup page to allow changes of the editable state to be made to several fields at the same time
  • Enabled a search bar on Sites and Projects list pages