Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issue:
    • A number of archived observations and actions were wrong
    • Inaccurate data was displayed on the PTW Response Time graph

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issues:
    • The form page throws an error when searching it by template on mobile
    • The filter logic in Activity is incorrect

Project Center

  • Added the ability for Project Centre Power Users and Client Admins to configure a Template to a project from the Template’s Info Tab in Template Settings
  • Added a reassign button to allow users to change the assignees of a Quality form. Newly assigned users will receive notifications, see the forms in their folders and able to edit them
  • Fixed issues:
    • The sample import file does not work for the Defect Type vs Subcon import
    • A new duplicate user is created, if the existing user is not a homeowner, when a new unit from the Wizard is created and information of an existing user is added
    • The Unit Type Import Sample had no header fields and importing unit types failed even if we added the fields manually in the Excel file