Novade Platform

  • Added the ability for users to export up to 100 forms at a single time when using the Dashboard Designer Consolidated PDF export feature
  • Added more options when setting a duration
  • Added a feature to make it mandatory for Web users to sync their forms to the latest version when they click on the Action button and Go To State button
  • Fixed issue:
    • “Date” boxes on public forms that were causing error messages and wrong display

Novade Quality

  • Added the `Copy link` feature to Defects on web and mobile
  • Fixed issues:
    • Forms can be created multiple time by clicking back and click on ‘Reinspect’ button
    • URLs in PDF that were not properly clickable when they were wrapped
    • People from other project are displayed in the workflow people in charge
    • Users without rights to create requests were able to resubmit rejected RFWIs
    • The mandatory date field is not red in new forms on iOS
    • Incorrect defects count in defect list page
    • Optimised code in Defects by Units when there are too many units
    • Defect photo edit options
    • Windward Server exports being unable to be opened
    • Target completion date is calculated differently on web and mobile
    • Employee is unable to see the file attached on RFWI
    • Quality form that had his workflow history modified
    • Multiple clicks of reinspect inspection causing multiple forms created

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issues:
    • “Request for Inspection Types” tab is displayed in Safety-HSE module
    • Page lagging
    • Some users still receiving some notifications after being deactivated/deleted
    • Wrong project is displayed when viewing a form from an application level dashboard

Novade Reports

  • Web – Added the ability to filter equipment count master list by report template
  • Web – Added the ability to filter headcount master list by report template
  • Fixed issues:
    • Pagination on the web when there were exactly 100 rows in a table
    • Activity custom field default values that could not be saved properly

Novade Maintenance

  • Improved the view of Inspection and Job form history tab to let users check the history of workflow state changes and the people responsible for the next workflow steps
  • Added the ability to hide Issue Type and Request/Job Classification items in the field dropdown list for Jobs and Requests so that items that are no longer used can be hidden
  • Fixed issues:
    • History is not updated when submitting a form

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issue:
    • My Actions task list in Activity

Novade People

  • Fixed issues:
    • The profile of a person couldn’t be edited

Project Center

  • Enabled Project Center Power Users to access the Datasets page under Project Center
  • Fixed issues:
    • “Enable 3D Viewer” setting checkbox is appearing in the wrong location when “Send Reminder Notification for Outstanding Items” is enabled
    • Project Center form combo box where the selected value was not updated


  • Fixed issues:
    • Project filter on mobile
    • Admin receives ‘project permission’ alert