Novade Quality

  • Removed the Duplicate icon button from the top bar in failed Inspections and Requests
  • Proposed Date and Scheduled Date are blank by default in Request for Inspection
  • Added a Final Inspection Date field for Units for the Pre-Inspection/Inspection phase, to restrict the lodging of defects after a selected date
  • Renamed the ‘Duplicate’ button to ‘Resubmit’ in Request for Inspections
  • Web — added a “Reinspect” button to failed inspections in Request for Inspections
  • Added an ‘Additional Information’ text field for Defects for Homeowners to easily supplement defect details
  • Multiple filters for Block, Level, Units are enabled for Custom Dashboards

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added an Export button under To Do list page
  • Mobile — added the ability to add an Asset to a PTW by scanning the Asset’s QR code
  • Mobile — added the ‘Scan QR Code’ button on the project page when QR code is used in the project

Novade Reports

  • Web — added an option to display all bonus types in the Workforce table, including the ones for which no bonus has been added yet
  • Web — added the ability to export the activities from all activity templates in a single tab in Excel
  • Web — added the ability to export cycles analysis in Excel

Novade Maintenance

  • Added an “Expected Duration” field for Inspections and Recurring events to track the time needed for each inspection
  • Added an “Expected Duration” field for Jobs to track the time needed for each job
  • Assets migration —​​​​ added pages under Maintenance settings to enable administrators to view old records of Assets and Certificates until 26 April 2022
  • Added an “Inspection Priority” field to set inspection priorities for Inspections and Recurring Events
  • Added a “Classification” field for Inspections and Recurring Events to define the skillset required to perform the inspection

Project Center

  • Added the ability to display custom fields of the project the forms/units belong to in the dashboard designer
  • Added the ability to automatically fill form fields by scanning a QR code
  • Added an option to “Prevent offline users from editing forms” in form templates
  • Added the ability to filter the project list on landing page using custom fields


  • Enabled email notifications for expiring Certificates