Novade Quality

  • Added the ability to export all custom fields for RFWI and Inspection objects from Excel
  • Added Closed Defects to dashboard
  • Changed the name of a tab in Defects
  • Users can create a shortcut/star for 1 form in Quality on Mobile
  • Added the ability to mark and remove mismatch time entries once read
  • Mobile – added the ability to create new forms from Template View
  • Added the ability for users to star a single template on mobile, which will show up on the left pane

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Automated archival of Actions
  • Automated archival of Observations
  • Added an Alert message as a reminder to add PTW users if no one is added
  • Improved search in Meetings

Novade Reports

  • Web – added the behaviour that a user is redirected to the new team report when a team report is duplicated
  • Added the ability to switch the status from presence to absence and vice-versa on a timecard
  • Web – added the ability to display people standard/custom fields in Workforce dashboards

Novade People

  • Added a note for CSP Clients to check with service providers for cameras’ online/offline status


  • Web – added the connection software and equipment ID fields in the import and export of Equipment Excel

Project Center

  • Added the ability for Client Admins to create custom dashboards using an editor
  • Migrated the settings from custom dashboards dataset to Dashboard Designer using Import Configuration