Novade Platform

    • Fixed issue:
      • Pagination numbers hiding some tabs on the web

Novade Quality

    • Changed “Work Start” to “Work In Progress”for Case Status on the homeowner UI
    • Added “Unit Reference” column to the Excel Export for Quality Forms list page
    • Added multi-file Custom Excel download for Quality Forms on the list page
    • Fixed issues:
      • When creating a new form, if a template has been selected and the user clicks on “View All Units”, the units are not filtered
      • On the user right to enable users to confirm cases
      • A unit manager to see only the defects of their units
      • The creation of a punch item from an Inspection resulted in the erasure of the Inspection name
      • The response time of the assignees are showing wrong numbers/info
      • Defects filter does not work in My Actions when units are displayed
      • The PDF export was not working when done from the dashboard designer on the web

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the “Copy link” feature to Actions on web and mobile
  • Fixed issues:
    • Photos linked to meeting fields are not duplicated
    • When a user was trying to open an Observation on Android and a popup with an error message was displayed
    • Hidden fields are shown in edit page after a meeting object is duplicated
    • Error messages appearing when the project’s non-conformance report (NCR) data is clicked in the safety dashboard page
    • Additional filter icons appearing upon clicking on statuses with ‘0’
    • An extra row is being inserted and breaks the formatting of the PDF
    • A safety form is displayed as a safety form and an incident in ‘Activities in Last 7 Days’ table
    • Some notifications being sent by email even if the database setting was set to “in-app”
    • Form deletion on the web, for which the redirection was not working correctly
    • Project name not correctly displayed in the header when accessing a form via a URL

Novade Reports

  • Fixed issue:
    • People without access to a specific project were receiving notifications from Reports of this project

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issues:
    • Users are unable to import recurring events
    • Duplicated jobs page was displaying an empty page even though duplicate jobs were found

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issue:
    • Client admin cannot delete an activity

Novade People

  • Improved the notifications of Actions
  • Fixed issues:
    • People being imported with incorrect data
    • Reject option not working as expected in some forms
    • Some users were deactivated even if the password was changed recently
    • User form fields not correctly updated after a username is changed
    • Missing project transfer record

Project Center

  • Web – Added the ability for Client Admin to access “User Connection Stats” dashboard under Project Center
  • Fixed issues:
    • The user added a template group in quality form configuration
    • A unit cannot be deleted when there are too many archived forms
    • Sample Excel files could not be exported
    • Some forms in dashboard designer could not be opened in a different module