Novade Activity


Enterprise app to manage on-site activities and processes.

All Records in One Database

Novade Activity allows you to manage and monitor a set of activities. The module allows to split your project into activities and tasks, assign subcontractors and streamline progress.

  • Manage tasks in the field.
  • Monitor activity progress.
  • Generate reports in a flash.
  • Save time, streamline processes.

Novade Activity can substantially impact your business:

Boost Productivity

Effective planning, efficient processes, and valuable insight into site operations.

Save Time

Make the right decisions with real-time access; no more time wasted in reporting.

Reduce Costs

Digitized processes help your team reduce project costs.

Manage Tasks in the Field

  • An Activity is a specific part of your project that requires numerous Tasks to be completed.
    • Each task has a Start date, End Date, Duration and Assignee.
    • Tasks can be assigned to individuals or companies.
    • Each task has a status: Not Started, In Progress or Completed.
    • Tasks can be dependent on other tasks.
    • Tasks can be linked to Assets, parts of a project or digital forms.

Monitor Activity Progress

Once a project has been set up with Activities and Tasks, Operators in the field can:

  • Quickly access the tasks they need to complete on their mobile devices.
  • Input status on tasks, add files or pictures.
  • Complete digital forms associated with each task.
  • Receive notifications if Tasks are overdue or a related Task has been completed.

At a glance, Managers can:

  • Access real-time information on progress, based on field inputs.
  • Identify assignees with overdue tasks.
  • Generate reports.

Generate Reports & Conduct Analytics

Download & Export

All info can be easily downloaded or exported in Excel & PDF formats.


Pre-defined dashboards to help teams track statistics on various projects.

Custom PDFs

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