Construction progress tracking software

Automate site diaries & monitor project progress with actionable data

Track progress in the field

Work Shift

  • Select the shift for each team


  • By zone or GPS coordinates


  • Capture temperature, humidity, air pressure (manually or via APIs)


  • Progress & production data
  • Start, duration & completion time


  • Check-in supplies delivery
  • Track supplies consumption per activity


  • Conduct team check-ins
  • Track allocations per activity


  • Conduct equipment check-ins
  • Track usage per activity

Real-time Access of Production Information for All Stakeholders


can access actionable productivity data and extensive site history.


and other stakeholders receive curated reports, facilitating communication and collaboration.

Site managers

can validate reports, automate reporting and monitor productivity on construction sites.

Supervisors & foremen

can submit data from mobile devices and get notified when actions are required.

Record all relevant data from the field

Site activities & progress

Monitor performance, progress and productivity with the user-friendly site diary software.

Workforce working hours

Manage your project team members with greater efficiency and transparency.

Equipment usage

Maximise every asset with robust equipment utilisation reports all on one mobile app.

Supplies & usage

Efficiently manage inventory control and procurement.

Aggregate data & automate report generation

Data is easily captured, verified, traced, and automatically distributed in the right format with our construction project management software.


Work Shift Hours


Site Activities





Team Reports


Client Reports

Management Reports


Save 30 minutes per shift on reporting duties

Easily capture real-time data from the field as work progresses.


  • Save time spent on administrative tasks for site supervisors to let them focus on site activities
  • Automate reporting with pre-defined templates, copy options and speech-to-text to facilitate data and site diary entry
  • Collaborate: consult reports from other teams in the field or the office
  • Reliable data thanks to configurable validation workflows and modification rights
  • Generate reports in PDF format

Generate site diaries automatically

Easily enable all stakeholders to stay on top of a project’s progress.


  • Configure site diary templates to aggregate chosen aspects of your team’s reports
  • Review daily site diaries for each data at a glance with the cloud-based construction site diary software
  • Modify the aggregated reports while keeping your team’s original reports
  • Share tailored reports to your management, clients and stakeholders
  • Submit your reports through configurable workflows with customisable modification rights at each step
  • Generate the site diaries in PDF format

Set up site reports & diaries in minutes

Tailor your reporting by selecting categories and custom fields.

Drawing annotations

Denote areas where progress was made.

Photo annotations

Add call-outs to your images to point out areas of special attention.


Integrate checklists for activities, equipment or deliveries.

GPS location

Locate activities, equipment or deliveries.

Define & track your metrics on automated dashboards

Tailor reporting to projects and trades for more in-depth assessments.


  • Monitor real-time production and consumption, consolidated ratios and deviations with Novade’s construction progress tracking software
  • Consolidate reporting across various functions to get reliable real-time progress data
  • Tailor your table view to your reporting needs:
    • Aggregate data by day, week, month, team, report template, activity, structure, and show cumulative value
    • Filter data by report template, team, and report creator
    • See current and planned total values
  • Automate reporting and quickly export your table to Excel for further analysis

Improve productivity
& bidding accuracy

Leverage your data with powerful analytics.


  • Identify reasons for productivity highs and lows
  • Gain insights on your team’s efficiency as well as resource management and usage
  • Analyse productivity by activity and building element
  • Gather the most accurate productivity ratios from past construction projects to deliver bids at the most accurate price
  • Leverage a database of project feedbacks to secure knowledge transfer

Novade Site Diary will substantially improve your business


Increase visibility

Increase transparency to your organisation and accountability to your teams with real-time progress reporting.

Boost performance

Drive efficiency and performance by monitoring reliable data on productivity ratios and resource consumption.

Improve competitivity

Increase productivity on your projects by analysing field data to deliver competitive bids on tenders.

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