Spie Batignolles and Eiffage Génie Civil enhanced productivity with Novade

The European construction leaders digitalised their site diaries for
the construction of SMP4 Access Point Tunnel


3 hours
saved daily


Over 5,000 forms created

Over 6,200 daily site diaries

Over 51,000 timesheets



3 hours saved daily


Over 5,000 forms created


Over 6,200 daily site diaries


Over 51,000 timesheets


Zero paperwork


Spie Batignolles and Eiffage Génie Civil’s project managers together with Novade’s dedicated service team, digitalised the site’s operations, updated their productivity targets and managed to reduce the amount of paperwork to close to zero.


    • Saint-Martin-la-Porte 4 (SMP4)
    • 8.7km access point tunnel
    • Part of the Franco-Italian 57 km Turin-Lyon high-speed railway link
    • Project Value: €389 million


    • Track construction progress
    • Streamline site operations
    • Increase productivity and speed of communication


    • 500 workers with hundreds of daily activities
    • Reduced productivity due to copious amounts of paperwork
    • 8 to 10 new reports a day done manually on paper
    • Requires up to 3 hours daily to analyse reports before any recommendations could be made



    • 110 users
    • Enhanced visibility with 6,200+ daily reports
    • Assigned work on the spot and tracked outcomes with more than 5,000+ forms
    • Digitally signed forms and automatic archival
    • Easily uploaded data and created role-based reports
    • Created more than 51,000+ timesheets


    • Real-time access to information
    • Improved construction productivity
    • Improved accountability with stringent approval workflows
    • Drove conformance
    • Reduced physical storage space for paper

Improved construction productivity with a
site diary software

The Turin-Lyon high-speed railway was constructed to connect two of the oldest cities in the world. The 57km railway is served by the Saint Martin-la-Porte 4 (SMP4) tunnel, a construction project managed by Spie Batignolles Génie Civil and Eiffage Génie Civil.
Faced with massive amounts of logistics, both companies foresaw a potential loss in productivity. They decided to adopt Novade Site Diary prototype version* a construction management software, to digitalise daily construction site diaries and track production quantities.

Together with Novade’s digitisation experts, SMP4’s project managers digitalised the site’s operations, updated productivity targets, and optimised work processes. With the entire site data at their fingertips, the teams could easily monitor production, quality, and safety standards with analytics.

Tracked construction progress easily

Novade’s construction app enabled all workers to collect and upload data on-site in real time via mobile devices. Workers and site supervisors were more efficient and they could focus on their core duties to deliver quality work on-site.
All data uploaded via the Novade app was automatically backed up on cloud servers. This further ensured a reliable exchange of information between management and workers. Rémi Fortanete, construction engineer at Eiffage Génie Civil, used Novade to assign tasks in real time. This feature enabled him to foresee potential problems.

Novade’s intuitive interface gave him a macro view of the project that he would not have had if he was working on paper. Potential issues could also be traced and fixed quickly and reliably.

“With Novade, everyone could work on the same interface – personnel taking care of quality, safety, production, HR, and even the customer. This allowed easy tracking and real-time transfer of information.”

– Rémi Fortanete, Construction Engineer, Eiffage Génie Civil

Real-time access to site data for all stakeholders

For a building site that ran seven days a week, the amount of site data is tremendous. This translated to at least eight to 10 site diaries a day. Traditionally, they would have to be compiled and summarised daily by the site supervisor.

Project director of Spie Batignolles, Xavier Abad, commented, “Digitalisation allowed for quick exchange between people. Novade’s platform processed all the data and no time was wasted for people to do that.”

“Novade performed well, saved time, and led to digitisation of the workplace. It’s good for the environment. It only took an instant to share information that’s saved permanently.”

– Xavier Abad, Project Director, Spie Batignolles

Saved up to three hours daily

Digitalising crucial daily tasks and moving to a real-time environment improved construction productivity across dozens of areas. Before, a site supervisor had to spend two to three hours a day on reports. The paperwork also required a massive space to hold all of them. Keeping the pain points in mind, Novade digitalised the site diaries and allowed workers to focus on their essential roles.

“Instead of wasting time processing data, Novade’s solution optimised our processes and improved our workers’ productivity.”

– Xavier Abad, Project Director, Spie Batignolles

Simple & easy-to-use construction site diary app

Julien Bouffard, site manager at Eiffage Génie Civil, stated that the Novade construction app allowed him to easily identify personnel present on-site. The easy-to-use construction management software also showed him the quantities and types of material used to construct the tunnel. Simplifying the day-to-day tasks of a project of this scale was essential in meeting deadlines.

“The simplicity of Novade has enabled me to get all my teams to go from paper to digital. The application saved us time on everything.”

– Julien Bouffard, Site Manager, Eiffage Génie Civil

*Novade Site Diary was officially launched 28 May 2020.

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