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Manage processes during the entire project lifecycle


• Quality control
• Payment milestone


• Commissioning
• Client handover


• Maintenance
• Tenant services


Real-time visibility on project progress

  • Use the Novade application to collect progress information from the field and track payment milestones, activities, and associated deadlines.
  • The automation of site progress reports improves productivity at all levels.

Superior quality assurance & control


  • Ensure the highest standards of quality throughout every stage of your development projects with Novade’s QA/QC tools.
  • From site inspections to defect management, you can identify issues early, resolve them efficiently, and deliver exceptional quality, every time.
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Improved customer engagement


  •  For residential projects, homeowners can access the mobile app to retrieve information on their homes, report quality issues, schedule joint inspections, and digitally sign off completion reports.
  • Real estate developers deploying this solution experience increased customer satisfaction.

Novade is adopted on iconic projects around the world

Duo Residences

Arumaya Residences

The Forestias

Marina One

Caelus Residences

Whizdom Connect

Data-driven decision making


  • Novade comprehensive analytical tools enable you to identify trends, evaluate contractors’ performance, and benchmark projects.
  • With the data gathered in the field, use artificial intelligence to predict and mitigate risks.
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Safety & environmental compliance

  • From safety audits to incident reporting, our platform equips you with the tools you need to create a safer working environment for everyone involved in your projects.
  • You can also use the application to ensure contractors adhere to environmental regulations rigorously.

Customer testimonials

Building project example social housing

NavaPark Residences accelerated handover processes by 50%


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Chinachem Group improved quality and productivity with a construction app


EUPE Novade client testimonial Parc3

EUPE achieves a Qlassic score of 82% by implementing Novade on its residential project


Improve performance

Collect field data to gather insights and make smarter decisions. Benchmark projects and contractors to improve performance.​

Boost your brand

Boost your brand by consistently delivering high-quality projects and providing a seamless handover experience to your customers. ​

Mitigate risks

Gain real-time visibility on project progress to detect potential issues and delays early. Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and mitigate risks.​

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