NavaPark Residences accelerated handover processes by 50%

An iconic mixed-use resort development that enforced
high quality standards with Novade

Within the 1st integrated smart city in Indonesia


3 hours to
master the app

50% less time to rectify defects

74 users

Improved customer satisfaction


Within the 1st integrated smart city in Indonesia


3 hours to master the app


50% less time to rectify defects


74 users


Improved customer satisfaction


PT Bumi Parama Wisesa successfully achieved cost efficiency while maintaining high quality for its luxury residential projects in NavaPark Residences. Customer satisfaction improved with Novade’s building inspection app that ensured a smooth handover process.

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    • A 68-hectare township located in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD City), Indonesia’s first integrated smart city
    • Optimised land-use: mixed-use resort development consisting of landed houses, apartments, business facilities, recreation centres, and a 2.4-hectare country club
    • Environmentally friendly: a fully walkable city
    • Proximity to established universities, shopping malls, and business parks
    • Designed with a smart growth concept, prioritising outstanding customer service and smart facilities
    • Since 2018, Novade has been deployed on NavaPark Residences’ landed homes, Lakewood, and high-rise condominium, Marigold


    • Manage and rectify defects as well as fully digitalise the residential building handover process using a construction quality management software
    • Collect data accurately and conveniently
    • Boost client engagement
    • Easily track progress on each unit’s status in real time
    • Promote smart growth and drive excellent customer service
    • Enhance cost efficiency and enforce high quality standards


    • Challenge to monitor each unit’s status in real time
    • Multiple complaints lodged on the same defect
    • Required to be present in the office/on-site to check on defect rectification status
    • Collection of data for reporting took three days
    • Long-winded paper reporting process – inspection notes and photos manually consolidated into paper reports, before dissemination of defects to respective teams for rectification
    • Complete rectification of a defect took over a month



    • Successful adoption of the Novade Quality module by 74 users to seamlessly carry out tasks and access defect rectification status in real time
    • Users mastered Novade’s user-friendly interface within three hours
    • Over 1,000 and 4,500 defects rectified on Marigold and Lakewood respectively


    • Easier for on-site teams to track units, repair status, and predict the number of days required to carry out rectification
    • Readily monitored status of all units; retrieved data and reports for analysis through Novade’s web dashboard, synchronised in real time
    • Reduced time taken for the Customer Service team to receive progress reports – from three days to receiving them immediately
    • Drastic decrease of defect rectification turnaround time by 50% from over a month to 14 days
    • More engaged and satisfied clients with digital handover process
    • Enforced high quality standards on the project, enhancing BPW’s brand reputation

Work faster with construction technology

In 2018, Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominf) launched a smart city movement. This vision is the result of many discussions – to solve urban infrastructure problems such as traffic jams, residents’ safety, and garbage accumulation. The Indonesia Government decided to focus on the adoption of information technology to build 100 smart cities throughout the country.

The smart city framework cuts across four major categories of people’s lives – live, work, learn, and play.

It aims to integrate information and communication technologies (ICT) with Internet of things (IoT) and other physical devices. The integration will optimise city operations, interconnectivity, and increased efficiency of public services.

Nestled in the southwest of Jakarta, NavaPark Residences is a residential township constructed by PT. Bumi Parama Wisesa (BPW) on a prime 68-hectare land in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City. Within its proximity are established universities, shopping malls, and business parks. Designed by internationally renowned architect firm AECOM, NavaPark Residences is an iconic mixed-use resort development; a luxurious sanctuary for residents to retreat from their daily buzz.

Improve quality & customer satisfaction

For a property developer, it is never easy to balance cost efficiency with build quality. To effectively manage both components, BPW realised the importance of having a digital quality management plan to improve customer satisfaction. BPW engaged Novade for its construction management software to manage NavaPark Residences’ handover procedure and quality process.

Novade’s Quality module was deployed on NavaPark Residences’ high-rise condominium, Marigold, and landed homes, Lakewood.

“Our handover sessions must be perfect to satisfy customers.”

– Stefanus Astayasa, Division Head of Estate & Facility,
PT. Bumi Parama Wisesa

The home inspection app was successfully adopted by all 74 users: main contractor, subcontractors, and BPW’s Customer Service team. With Novade, they could seamlessly carry out tasks and access defect rectification status in real time.

User-friendly interface & easy implementation

Since implementing Novade Quality, BPW had seen good adoption throughout the entire building handover process, from contractor, subcontractors, to the Customer Service team.

Although this was BPW’s first foray into digital construction, Novade’s user-friendly interface made it effortless.

Each staff only had to go through a one-time three-hour training session. Generally, supervisors and management used web view to monitor progress. Subcontractors could use the app offline, even when they did not have any Internet connection.

“With the Novade digital construction platform, we can conveniently keep up with real-time progress any time.”

– Stefanus Astayasa, Division Head of Estate & Facility,
PT. Bumi Parama Wisesa

Systematic rectification process

Before, the customer service team took approximately two to three days to collect data for reporting. After using Novade’s building inspection app, the client facing team was able to receive feedback and site progress in an instant. Customer service section head Primayani Fatimah commented, “Novade made it easy for us to track units, repair status, and estimate the number of days needed for repair.”

Novade also helped building officers like Bayu Adi Wicaksono perform defect checks even when he was not in the office. He said, “We could recheck which complaint had passed its due date or been rectified. We could also track if a similar complaint recurred at the same place.”

With NavaPark Residences’ commitment to provide excellent customer service, the rectification turnaround shortened by half to 14 days.

“Environmentally friendly and easy to use, Novade was practical and efficient in streamlining the defect rectification process.”

– Bayu Adi Wicaksono, Building Officer, PT. Bumi Parama Wisesa

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