Manage your residential housing and renovation projects with the next generation home builder app

Track progress, coordinate jobsites, reduce supervision costs, stay compliant and standardise the way you work with our home builder app
Novade Lite home builder app
Novade Lite home builder app on desktop

Track all projects’ progress

Mitigate risks to deliver on time, every time.

  • Visualise project schedule and status across all your jobsites, in real time 
  • Assign tasks and monitor work progress
  • Allocate resources
  • Drive a culture of accountability and transparency

Coordinate your jobsites

One communication channel, one source of truth.

  • One communication channel for all stakeholders – contractors, suppliers, architects, planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors and even clients
  • Share documentation – specifications, method statements, supplies list
  • Drawings version control ensures you always have access to the latest version in the palm of your hand
Novade Lite home builder app coordinate jobsites
Novade Lite home builder app reduce costs

Reduce supervision costs

Keep eyes on the job, no matter where you are.

  • Document activities – easily capture and share site photos
  • Generate site diaries automatically 
  • Monitor progress remotely – reduce supervision time
  • Approve inspections remotely with digital signatures – reduce travel time and costs

Stay compliant

Don’t let noncompliance ruin your schedule… or your reputation.

  • Customise your Assurance, Audit & Risk Management solution
  • Digitise and automate your Quality & HSE compliance control processes
  • Help ​attain or retain your ISO certification​
  • Reduce compliance costs by 80%
  • Safeguard your reputation and protect your company legally and contractually
Digital forms on Novade Lite home builder app

For all types of building projects

Interior Design & Commercial Fitouts
Custom Homes
New Home Builds
Greenfield, Brownfield residential developments
Renovation & Refurbishments
Spec Homes

See how Novade can transform your home build today

Reduce costs
Save time supervising jobsites, coordinating work and managing compliance.
Reduce risks
Track project progress across all your jobsites. Stay compliant. Deliver on time…every time.
Enhance relationships
Maintain your reputation for quality work. Collaborate and engage with stakeholders every step of the way.

Connecting everyone on and off the field​​​

Business Owner

“I get real-time visibility across all my jobsites. That means less travel to site and more time working on my business not in my business. Now our inspection process is automated, simplified and standardised – I sleep soundly at night knowing my business’ reputation is secure and compliance is assured.”


“Relationships are better on site because we have one place for all our communications – we’re not the last to hear about issues from the contractor anymore. Digital signatures means we don’t stand around waiting for approvals. We are inducted quickly on every jobsite, know what’s expected of us and can get on with the job.”

Building Site Admin

“I have one spot for all our project specs, regulations, site drawings and floor plans, photos and data. No more emails, texts and attachments that get lost! No more paper flying between the jobsite, our clients, the engineers, architect, designers and the office. I don’t have to travel to our jobsites every day – the whole team has everything they need on their mobile devices.”

Foreman & Supervisor

“Everyone on the project including the subbies and even the client has one place and one app for communicating issues and scheduling control checks and inspections. We are able to manage the quality of subcontracted labour with everyone on the same system.”

Project Manager

“Love the photos function – I can keep track of progress across all my jobsites. We are also so much more efficient with digitised progress inspections. I’m also able to keep a permanent record of inspections with photos and all my annotated notes which takes the stress out of third-party approvals, warranties, our practical completions and handovers.”


“Makes conducting Building Control inspections so much easier – I’m able to capture data with my phone and even markup photos with additional information.”

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