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Operational Modules


Common Platform





Forms Engine




Automate field processes with the most powerful Forms Engine in the market


Add any content

Checkboxes, combo boxes, dates, buttons, questions, QR codes, signatures, custom fields, etc.


Manage any workflow

From simple sequences to the most complex approval workflows



Import & export data

Integrate data thru APIs, export data to PDF, Excel, or Power BI



Email or push notifications when an action is performed on a form



Automate processes

With calculations & conditional triggers


Visualise data

With standard or custom dashboards


Quality construction software

Organise and visualise data for any project type

  • Visualise any type of project: Residential, Commercial, Rail, Road, Bridge, Tunnel
  • Live status updates from the field: colour coded units or modules based on process status
  • Easily retrieve records

Add and share technical documentation in the field

  • Photo annotations: add callouts to your images to highlight areas of special attention
  • Documents management: export and share your documents with ease
  • Drawing markups: Indicate work location and check work progress
  • 3D model visualisation: view and update status on 3D models to track progress of the project
Construction ITP software

Leverage your data with powerful analytics

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Quality construction software

Manage your workforce efficiently

  • Quickly add and organize entire project teams, maintain a project directory
  • Fine-tune access and user rights for different stakeholders
  • Access employee data in the field using QR codes
  • Keep track of qualification expiry dates and readiness to work

Manage Assets in the field

  • Keep track of all types of assets, from fixed equipment to heavy machinery or prefab modules
  • Access asset data with QR codes or NFC tags
  • Locate mobile assets with GPS tagging or real-time GPS location
  • Manage heavy equipment certificates
  • Maintain and inspect fixed equipment
Construction ITP software

Integrate with any type of data

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Create your own templates

Customise your workflows

Connect with external data

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