One-stop shop digital platform

Data Insights

Leading indicators on
Quality – Productivity – Safety​

Operational modules to automate field processes

Quality module icon greenQuality

  • Quality Inspections
  • RFIs, ITPs
  • Punch Lists, Defect Rectification
  • Handover, Commissioning

Quality module icon green Safety-HSE

  • Toolbox Meetings
  • Permits to Work, Safety Forms
  • Observations, Issues, NCRs
  • Incidents, Near-Miss Reports

Quality module icon green  Site Diary

  • Daily reports: Activity, Workforce, Equipment, supplies Waste & Carbon
  • Progress reports
  • Production ratio

Quality module icon green Activity

  • Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Calendar
  • Gantt Charts

Quality module icon green Maintenance

  • Job scheduling
  • Asset Inspections
  • Request & repairs
  • Certification management
One integrated digital database available when you subscribe to any module

Common Platform


  • WBS
  • Template libraries
  • Access rights


  • Drawings
  • 3D models
  • Documents

Process Engine

  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom fields
  • Custom dashboards


  • HR data base
  • Location
  • Qualification


  • Asset register
  • Location tracking
  • Certification
IOT & Data integration

Smart and easy-to-use features

QR Codes

Quickly access information by scanning Quick Response (QR) Codes using a smartphone camera


NFC Tags

Store and access information on assets and personnel with Near Field Communication (NFC) tags


GPS / Geolocation

Record GPS coordinates for assets, personnel, or actions



Input timely and accurate digital records reporting the time when an action is taken



Push Notifications

Receive notifications on critical updates during the whole project life cycle​


Facial Recognition

Verify a person for attendance or security purposes with biometric software


Digitalise all your processes just the way you want​

Because nobody knows your site better than you​

Create your own data sets

Create your own templates

Customise your workflows

Connect with external data

Full configuration gives you the depth, insights and control you need​​

Create your own digital forms and checklists​

Or use our existing templates to get started right away​



Easily add checkboxes, combo boxes, dates, buttons, questions



Custom Fields

Create and add any type of custom field to your forms


Calculations & Formulas

Set up equations to automatically calculate form field values



Receive email or push notifications when an action is performed on a form or checklist


Digital Signatures

Digitally approve and sign forms from your mobile device​



Create form templates to set and manage repetitive processes in the field


Get everyone on the latest documentation

Markup Drawings

Denote work allocation and define work in progress

Annotate Photos

Attach and markup photos for inspections, work processes and records

3D Models

Locate and view issues using 3D models


Use mobile locations to pinpoint issues and locate outstanding work areas

Access data from any device, anywhere, anytime

Novade works without internet access. Data is automatically synchronised when you access the network.



Access with login on secure cloud servers. All connections are encrypted with strict policies on data security & confidentiality.



All modules work offline and online with 99.9% uptime service for synchronisation server. Data is backed up daily.



Designed to handle hundreds of users and thousands of defects, pictures and checklists without any compromise on performance.

Novade’s construction digital platform is accessible on all devices​​

Data is automatically synchronised when the devices are connected, either on Wi-Fi or a network.​

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