Change the way you look at data ​with Novade Insights​

The predictive analytics platform turning construction business intelligence into actions​

It’s your data.​ The power to use it is in your hands​


From reactive to proactive – The road to predicting field accidents with over 80% accuracy

Dashboards make sense of your data​

  • Make reporting easy with dynamic dashboards and powerful data visualisations
  • Use mission-critical leading indicators to make predictions, diagnose issues and take action​
  • If you can measure it, you can improve it – all your metrics at your fingertips​

Get started straight away with no set-up required for standard dashboards​

Analyse Millions of Records in Seconds

Easy integration of data from multiple sources​


Real-time access to millions of records​


Dynamic filtering of data

Customisable user rights

400 configurable charts

Export to PDF, Excel or PNG

Your path to Digital Transformation ​​


Capture real-time data from the field​


Monitor trends and improve reporting​


Identify patterns and make predictions


Make decisions and continuously improve​

Drive productivity with Insights

  • Assess probability of project success, manage risk and predict profitability when you analyse historical behaviour and live data​
  • Reduce downtime and bottlenecks with optimised workforce data​
  • Bid smarter and continuously improve productivity with data-driven lessons learned​​

Extract Insights from your Quality Data ​​

  • Leverage your data to predict trends and make faster and smarter quality decisions​​​​
  • Work only with the best and benchmark your suppliers

Predict so you can prevent with Safety Insights

  • Predict high-risk activities using your safety leading indicators to prevent workplace injuries​​​
  • Benchmark safety by site, project, company, subcontractor or against national standards​​
  • Improve training based on safety data and incident response​

Hear from Stakeholders

Project Manager

“I’m able to bid smarter using a data-driven assessment of risk – no more re-inventing the wheel everytime we tender. Using benchmarked project data makes it so much easier to manage and mitigate risks as well as make better decisions throughout the project lifecycle, including the decision to bid or not bid.” ​


“With Novade’s construction data analytics software, we can track and analyse Key Performance Indicators in real time. We now know which metrics move the needle in performance and which ones are just noise.” ​

Project Controls Manager

“Predictive data analytics is changing the way we look at our data. Across my entire portfolio of construction projects, I’m able to see the trouble areas and course correct.”​

Executive General Manager HSEQ

“We rely on these tools to maintain our ISO 9000 accreditation for Quality. It is now a key part of our reporting for our Safety Management System. I can see at a glance which regions and projects are underperforming across all our HSEQ metrics and adjust our global strategies to change direction.” ​

Safety Officer

“I can of course track the safety leading indicators but what I appreciate the most is the ability to go to the roots of the incidents causes. I now focus on the contractors, situation or zone on site that really need my attention. I can deliver a powerful safety message because I have the data to back it up.” 

The future of AI is
in your sights

You already use data to make better decisions in real time. ​

What if a machine could provide even better actionable insights?​

Would you prevent cost overruns? Optimise resources across your projects? Prevent injuries before they occurred? ​

​The world of predictive analytics is just the beginning.​​

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