Using AI to predict accidents on construction sites

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A safer worksite with AI

It’s a familiar scenario in the aftermath of an accident: workers and supervisors recognise that there were early indicators of danger, which went unnoticed amidst the daily tasks.

At Novade, we have been collaborating with Tiong Seng Contractors for several years to digitise their processes, thereby creating a rich repository of information.

Our hard work has led to an exciting result: a tool that can help us anticipate and mitigate risks before they escalate.

Our article covers topics such as:

  • More about our machine learning model
  • The percentage of accidents AI can correctly predict
  • How AI can help your safe digitalisation journey

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About the author

Hélène Menthon, a seasoned construction and technology professional with over 7 years of experience spanning Europe and Asia, currently serves as the Senior Manager for Data Analytics at Novade. She is a passionate advocate for leveraging data-driven insights to revolutionise the construction industry, focusing on enhancing safety, quality, and overall performance.