Novade Lite

The only app you need to access, upload and share your documents

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects

Construction checklist app free for iOS
Construction checklist app free for Android

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects

Construction checklist app free for iOS
Construction checklist app free for Android
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Say goodbye to…

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Costly delays, quality issues and critical safety incidents from outdated documents
  • Version control headaches
  • Lugging around hard copies of documents on-site
Construction document management app - Say goodbye to paperwork

Say hello to Novade Documents


Easily upload documents from the field or in the office


Ensure you always have the latest documents in the palm of your hand



Organise folders so you always have the right document at the right time

Digital forms on Novade Lite construction document management app


Make compliance a breeze when you attach documents to Tasks and Forms



Find the documents on or off the field with powerful search functions



Works with all Microsoft 365 file types and PDFs

Novade Documents makes it easy to get everyone on the same page

  • One Platform – access, upload, view and share the latest project documents such as specifications, site packs and safety guidelines, no matter where you are
  • Real-time Visibility – update documents in real-time to keep everyone on the team on the same page
  • Easy & Intuitive – attach relevant documents to Tasks and Forms such as equipment certificates and detailed work plans
  • Onboard faster – onboard new starters quickly with the latest accurate training and induction documentation
Novade Lite construction document management app on desktop

Ideal for Contractors, Builders & Service Providers coordinating many jobs across multiple projects

Reduce rework costs

Reduce rectification headaches from miscommunication and outdated documentation

Communicate and collaborate

Work as one team with teammates, suppliers, subcontractors and even clients when everyone has visibility of jobs and project status

Stay compliant

Everyone has access to all the required HSEQ compliance documentation in one place

Business Owners

“I can work in confidence knowing that all project stakeholders, from general contractors and subcontractors to suppliers are working from the same documents. I cannot be on site everyday so having instant access to the same documents and up-to-date project information from my office helps me make business decisions – fast.”


“No more headaches without access to the right documents at the right time – we are all working off the latest documentation. No more quality issues, rework or installation issues from working off old documentation.”

Site Administrators

“Now I have one spot for all documents, drawings, photos and data. It drives me crazy that everything is still done on paper. Now there are no more spreadsheets, drawings or paper documentation flying between site, the office our clients and stakeholders.”

Construction & Site Managers

”Having all documents saved and accessible on one single platform saves so much time and means we can focus on delivering the project on time and in budget.”

Project Managers

“Staff onboarding has never been easier as new members have access to all the project information in one single platform. I can even upload training and induction documents.”


“All Quality assurance documents and procedures are available to the entire team on site.”

Manage your documents with Novade Lite

Whether you want the latest inspection certificate for equipment or need the latest specs to rectify a defect, Novade Documents makes sure everyone has all the information they need – all in the palm of their hand.

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects

The only app you need to manage your jobsite