Simplify and automate field processes with the Novade form app

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects

Construction checklist app free for iOS
Construction checklist app free for Android

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects

Construction checklist app free for iOS
Construction checklist app free for Android
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Say goodbye to…

  • Manual forms and paperwork
  • Compliance headaches
  • Time wasted submitting and approving forms
Construction checklist app - Say goodbye to paperwork

Say hello to digital forms



Easily add checkboxes, combo boxes, dates, buttons, questions​

Custom Forms

Customise your forms so they work exactly as you need them​​


Tailor your specific workflows to set and manage repetitive processes in the field​

Digital forms on Novade Lite construction checklist app


Receive email or push notifications when an action is performed on a form or checklist​

Digital Signatures

Digitally approve and sign forms from your mobile device​

Data Export

Export all forms to PDF and Excel format

It’s easy to go digital!


Customised forms with checklists and tailored workflows


Data easily from the field all from any mobile device


Publish, distribute, submit and retrieve forms in seconds


Monitor trends, improve productivity and reporting

Get started straight away with free editable templates

Choose from our template library including:

  • Daily Reports
  • Pre-construction
  • Pre-Starts
  • Permits to Work
  • Quality control
  • Inspection checklists
  • Audits
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Timesheets
  • RFIs
Novade Lite construction template library
Form builder on Novade Lite

Create your own templates with the most intuitive form builder

  • Drag and Drop design – be up and running in minutes
  • Real-time Preview – preview your form on your mobile device as you build it
  • Tailored Workflows – to set and manage repetitive processes

Capture all your field data easily from any mobile device

  • Simplify all your processes with a snap  – speed up approvals when you annotate your forms with photos
  • No more paper forms – fast and easy data entry and retrieval all from the palm of your hands
  • No internet? No problem – input data and sync with the cloud-based construction app when back online
Novade Lite construction checklist app on mobile
Novade Lite Forms PDF export construction checklist app

It’s easy to retrieve records and export your data

  • PDF Exporter – export all Forms to PDF
  • Super Fast – submit and retrieve forms and records in seconds from the checklist app

Make decisions faster, smarter, and safer

  • Dashboards – allow you to monitor trends, improve productivity and reporting, streamline workflows
  • Insights – across all your jobsites
Novade Lite construction checklist app on desktop

Ideal to coordinate jobs across multiple projects


Scale to any size project

You can assign form and checklist templates to multiple projects.


Fast and easy to set up

With Drag and Drop design you can have your checklist app up and running in minutes.


Pre-defined templates

Our easy-to-use Form Builder is packed with features to make building any form and workflow simple for everyone on site.

Jobsite engineer construction checklist app


“All my checklists are on my smartphone, so I save so much time when I submit a form. And there is no more time wasted waiting for approvals. Novade’s construction checklist app makes servicing multiple projects a breeze.”

Construction Managers

“All construction checklist templates are stored on one single app. Fast and easy digital sign-offs save me so much time. I can remotely manage progress, quality controls and safety compliance for all phases of construction.”

Operations Managers

“Now there are no more spreadsheets and paperwork flying between job sites, project teams and clients. Novade’s checklist app makes project management, site inspections, safety checklists, punch lists and risk assessment easy.”
Novade Lite

Simplify and automate field processes with the Novade form app

Whether you want to go paperless or simplify a workflow, everyone has the right form at the right time

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects


What are the most common form templates used on jobsites?
On jobsites, various form templates are used to streamline processes, maintain consistency, and ensure that important information is accurately captured and documented. Some of the most common form templates used on jobsites include:

  • Daily Reports: These forms help track daily progress, including the work completed, the number of workers on-site, equipment used, materials delivered, weather conditions, and any safety incidents or issues encountered.
  • Inspection Forms: These forms document quality control and safety inspections, capturing information about potential defects, non-conformities, hazards, or safety violations, as well as corrective actions taken.
  • Permits To Work and Risk Assessment Forms: These safety checklists are used to identify and evaluate potential hazards on the jobsite, helping to establish control measures and mitigate risks.
  • Change Order Forms: These forms document changes in the project’s scope, schedule, or budget, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of and agree to the modifications.
  • Incident/Accident Reports: These forms capture information about workplace accidents or incidents, including details about the event, the people involved, the cause, and any corrective actions taken to prevent future occurrences.
  • Material Requisition Forms: These forms are used to request materials needed for the project, tracking the quantity, specifications, and delivery information.
  • Equipment Forms: These startup checklists, inspection or maintenance forms help monitor the condition and maintenance of equipment used on the jobsite, ensuring that all machinery is in proper working order and compliant with safety standards.
  • Time Sheets: These forms record the hours worked by individual team members or subcontractors, helping to track labour costs and maintain accurate payroll records.
  • Submittal Forms: These forms are used to document the submission and approval of project materials, equipment, or designs, ensuring that all components meet the project’s specifications and requirements.
  • Punch List Forms: These forms track the completion of any outstanding tasks, issues, or defects that must be addressed before a project can be considered complete.

These forms are essential for maintaining accurate documentation, ensuring compliance with regulations, and facilitating effective communication and collaboration among team members on the jobsite.

What are the benefits of using Novade Lite form templates?
Standardisation: By creating and using form templates in Novade Lite, you can ensure that your team members consistently collect and report information using the same format, making it easier to analyze, compare, and share data.

Centralised storage: All form templates and the data collected from completed forms are stored within the Novade Lite platform, making them easily accessible by team members and stakeholders.

Mobile access: Novade Lite is a mobile-first app, meaning team members can access and fill out forms using smartphones or tablets while on the jobsite, ensuring real-time data collection and reporting.

Collaboration: Novade Lite’s platform enables team members to share, comment on, and discuss completed forms, streamlining decision-making, and keeping everyone informed of project updates and changes.

By providing a comprehensive solution for creating and managing form templates, Novade Lite helps businesses improve their data collection and reporting processes, ultimately contributing to better project management and overall success.