Novade makes it easy for your residential building handover every time​


Reduce defect rectification and handover costs by up to 50%


Easily manage inspections


Increase customer satisfaction

Real-time access to handover information for all key stakeholders


can benchmark performance across multiple projects and visualise KPIs

Customer Service Teams

can easily conduct inspections, manage rectification process and visualise the handover status for customers


can access and update information in real time on their mobile devices


love the easy-to-use home inspection software​

The only inspection software for residential property developers to manage handovers​

  • Managing inspections is simple on or off the field– with updated defects, rectifications and actions in real-time on any mobile device
  • Managing defects is a breeze – take photos and annotate pictures and drawings on the app
  • Assign rectification actions on the spot​
  • Enable fast confirmation of actions – with digital signatures from customers from desktop or mobile devices

Your customers will love the easy-to-use​ home inspection software​

Homeowners can use the app to:​

  • Access information on their homes​
  • Report issues
  • ​​Schedule joint inspections
  • Track rectification status
  • Digitally sign off completion reports
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Handover scheduling made easy with Timekit​

Simplify your handover process with advanced appointment scheduling:

  • Automatically link booking information to the homeowner Novade account
  • View, schedule, and cancel booking through the Novade app
  • Export bookings data from Novade
  • Receive email notifications and reminders on upcoming bookings

Visualise key indicators at a glance​

Easy-to-use dashboards

Reduce administration tasks by 80%

Easy reporting, data analysis and archival​

PDF export

Generate PDF files for easy sharing and reporting of information​


Access hundreds of dashboards on the web and on mobile devices​

Excel export

Seamlessly import & export files to and from the cloud-based platform​

Reduce defects & handover costs by up to 50%​​

Final handover and close out costs on projects are typically 2.5% – 5% of total project cost.​​

With Novade’s building inspection app you can:​

  • Reduce defect rectification management costs by 90%
  • Reduce defect rectification time by 50%
  • Reduce defect rectification costs by 50%

Leverage your data to continuously improve your construction project handover procedure​

  • Easily access the inspection app and collect data with real-time status updates​
  • Measure performance – identify your star performers and which subcontractors are regularly holding up your handover
  • Benchmark performance across multiple projects thanks to standardised master lists
  • Easily share lessons learned between your projects
  • Predict quality issues and build effective control plans with the help of AI algorithms
Novade for property developers enforce standards

Novade Handover has helped iconic residential developments​ around the world

Duo Residences

Arumaya Residences

The Forestias

Marina One

Caelus Residences

Whizdom Connect

Novade Handover will substantially improve your business​

Reduce costs

Reduce costs on rework and administration by 50%,​ and defect rectification management by 90%

Increase customer satisfaction

Join the property and real-estate developers who rely on our building inspection app to increase their customer satisfaction


Improve quality

Drive continuous improvement across your business​

Proud to work with industry leaders​​

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