Webinar: Road to customer satisfaction: Delivering quality from construction to handover

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Delivering quality in the construction and handover phases play an important role in building a foundational relationship of trust between general contractors and their clients. In fact, customer satisfaction can be seen as a goal or measurement which affects customer retention and, therefore, profitability and competitiveness.

So, how can technology help to produce and improve quality on construction projects? Or are you wondering how you can ensure smoother field processes and a faster handover using technology – all while establishing customers’ trust?

Join us in our upcoming roundtable webinar featuring a panel of industry experts from Boustead Projects, Keppel Land Limited and PT. Bumi Parama Wisesa (BPW) to discover how technology became a part of their business roadmap to deliver quality construction and the impact it has on customer satisfaction and engagement.


  • Choosing the right construction technology to be part of the digitalisation roadmap
  • Unleashing the power of site data to improve site performance, reduce costs, and increase productivity
  • Gaining clients’ trust by increasing the quality and speed of operations
  • Emerging digital trends in construction

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