Reduce operational costs with Novade Maintenance


Manage inspections and repairs


Increase asset lifecycle


Improve teams’ productivity

All key stakeholders have real-time access to maintenance activities

can track and monitor maintenance status in real time
Clients & tenants
can easily request repair jobs, work orders, and access reports
Site managers
can plan, monitor and validate inspections
can easily access and input data on assets during inspections​

A wealth of features

Asset register
Meter readings

Spare parts

Equipment certifications





Manage assets across multiple sites​ with Novade’s asset maintenance management software

  • Easily create and manage your asset database by importing data with excel or APIs
  • Locate sites and assets on maps
  • Access asset data with QR codes or NFC tags
  • Schedule recurring inspections
  • Enable teams in the field to send requests using their mobile devices
  • Assign and manage jobs such as repairs and cleaning
  • Manage asset tracking and meter readings

Effectively manage machinery on site​ with Novade’s construction equipment maintenance software

  • Locate machinery with GPS tagging or real-time GPS location (using APIs)
  • Access data with QR codes or NFC tags
  • Manage start up procedures and safety checklists
  • Manage heavy equipment certificates
  • Conduct maintenance inspections
  • Enable teams in the field to send requests when a machine is down through Novade’s equipment management software
  • Manage repairs and spare parts

Easily schedule & track inspections

Reduce downtime with well-planned and managed preventive maintenance

  • Schedule inspections and meter reading jobs online via Novade’s maintenance inspection software
  • Notify technicians in real time
  • Complete and submit inspection checklists with the mobile app
  • Approve and archive reports
  • Access data analytics on all your assets in real time

Effectively manage
requests & jobs

Deliver SLA with end-to-end automated job management​

  • Collect requests from users with a mobile CMMS
  • Assign jobs to technicians in real time
  • Approve and archive jobs and work order
  • Check time spent on each job and work order
  • Monitor assets’ service level agreements
  • Conduct data analytics on all your assets

Technicians can conduct all tasks with relevant information easily accessed on their devices

Request info
All information related to the initial request.​
Asset info
Checklists, drawings and manuals.​​
For multi-site operations: link to mobile navigation system to recommend routing.​​
Jobs history
Previous jobs on the asset.

Novade Maintenance will substantially impact your business

Boost productivity
Effective planning, efficient processes, no more time wasted in reporting with a maintenance management solution
Increase asset lifecycle
Make the right decisions with real-time access to asset information and powerful analytics
Improve customer satisfaction
With a solution that facilitates communication with clients
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