Operations and construction data analytics software

Change the way you look at data ​with Novade Insights​

Dashboards make sense of your data​

  • Get started straight away with our pre-defined dashboards
  • Visualise key metrics, conduct powerful analytics with dynamic data filtering, and easily create reports with export to PDF, Excel, or PNG formats​

Easily create your own custom dashboards

  • Focus on the KPIs that are critical to your business to collect actionable insights
  • No coding skills required; use our drag & drop features to create your own views and charts in minutes!​​
  • For more complex custom dashboards, leverage our integration with PowerBI

Seamlessly connect field data to your own Data Platform

  • Use our Delta Sharing connector to effortlessly synchronise your project data with your BI tools – No coding, just a few clicks to connect!
  • Or use our APIs to integrate real-time data into your Common Data Environment (CDE) or any enterprise system and develop your own analytics solution

“Using the field data captured, we are able to easily analyse every hazard and incident so as to anticipate and prevent it.”
– Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd.

Prevent accidents

Benchmark lagging and leading safety indicators by construction site, company, subcontractor or against national standards​​. Identify patterns that potentially increase risk levels and leverage our machine learning models to prevent accidents
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Raise your quality standards​

Monitor processes, ITP execution, and control outcomes. Promptly spot deviations – the sooner you act, the more you save. Evaluate and compare your suppliers to ensure that you only work with the best

Increase productivity​

  • Monitor and analyse key performance indicators with our data analytics software
  • Gather the most accurate productivity ratios from past construction projects to deliver bids at the most accurate price

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What is a construction analytics software?

Construction data analytics software leverages data from construction apps, IoT devices, or project management software to conduct data analysis. The insights collected help build business intelligence and enable data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, quality and safety.