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10 Years Strong


It all started a decade ago, on the 9th floor of an industrial building. A small team set out to revolutionise construction with a formidable software, and Novade was born. Fast forward, and our software now spans continents, from desert sands to icy fjords, helping build iconic projects and vital infrastructure. Here’s to 10 years of building together, and countless milestones to come!

Everything Starts in the Field


We work closely with our clients to help drive their digital transformation. We have a strong expertise and passion for new technology, along with a deep understanding of how companies in the building and construction industry operate.

Working at Novade

Customer Focus

Solving problems for customers ​is a priority for us.


Our success is dependent upon the collective contributions of all team members.​


Diversity brings fresh perspectives to the table and is a critical source of innovation.​


Delivering results matters; it positively impacts us, our clients, the industry and society.​


We are firm believers in the ​‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy.​

Constant Improvement

Each employee has the opportunity to learn and develop personal and professional skills.​

Meet the Leadership Team

Eugene Low

Board Member
Co-Founder – APAC

Denis Branthonne

Board Member
Co-Founder & CEO
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Bruno Suard

Board Member
General Manager, EMEA
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Gautier Bayzelon

Senior Director – Technology
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Sanjay Kewlani

Senior Director –

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