Deliver high quality projects every time


Predict issues early and mitigate rework


Enforce Quality Assurance processes


Close out your punch list and snag list quickly


Attain and retain your compliance with quality specifications

Construction quality management software

Go digital with Novade’s Quality Management Module​


Customised digital quality processes and QA/QC. Create your own quality forms and checklists, punch and snag lists. Keep all your quality observations in one place.


Quality data easily from the field from any mobile device – defects, actions and issues with photos, videos and annotations in real-time.


Share all your quality information across your IT environment – all the tools you use and love. 


Predict quality issues before they occur, make reporting a breeze, and make better decisions with quality data at your fingertips.

Say hello to hassle-free Part L compliance with Novade’s construction quality management software

Enforce Part L compliance, manage efficiency, and improve productivity all on one platform.

Streamline your construction inspection and test plans (ITPs) with Novade

Drive high quality, control and performance on your projects.

Streamline your construction inspection and test plans (ITPs) with Novade

Drive high quality, control and performance on your projects.

Quality construction software

Digitise all your Quality Processes

with the most comprehensive inspection app

Full configuration gives you the depth, insights and control you need​:

  • Build your own Quality Forms – or let us digitise them for you
  • Configure your workflows and inspection checklists exactly as you need them
  • Manage your QA/QC Process, NCRs and Quality Observations
  • Manage multiple inspections easily in a single request – create, link, and monitor using Request for Work Inspection (RFWI)
  • Create and deploy your Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs)
  • Manage your hold/witness points easily with progressive approval of assurance packs

Visualise your Quality KPIs

use predefined dashboards or design your own​

Novade Quality key indicator desktop screenshot map
Novade Quality key indicator desktop screenshot drawing
Novade Quality key indicator desktop screenshot dashboard
Novade Quality key indicator desktop screenshot units

Close out your punch lists quickly​

with the most comprehensive punch list & defect management app​

  • Identify, lodge and close out punch lists quickly – annotate pictures and locate defects on a drawing
  • Assign rectification actions on the spot to project team members and sub-contractors​
  • Real-time inspections, corrective actions and defect updates makes updating  punch lists a snap in the field on any mobile device​
Construction ITP software
Novade Insights Quality desktop

Extract Insights from your Quality Data ​

  • Leverage your data to easily identify patterns, predict trends and make faster and smarter quality decisions
  • Work only with the best and benchmark your suppliers
  • Use mission-critical leading indicators to make predictions, diagnose issues and take action
  • Build effective control plans with the help of AI algorithms

Get everyone on the same page​

Clients, subcontractors, inspectors, auditors and asset owners​​

defect management drawings

Drawing markups

Denote areas of special attention in your plans


Defect management photo

Photo annotations

Add callouts to your images to point out areas of special attention


BIM 3D model

3D models

Access 3D models for a better understanding of spatial and construction requirements


Quality control reduce rework costs

Reduce rework costs by up to 50%​​

Final inspection and close out costs on projects are typically 2.5% – 5% of total project cost

With Novade Quality you can:​

  • Reduce defect rectification management costs by 90%
  • Reduce defect rectification time by 50%
  • Reduce defect rectification costs by 50%

Reduce quality administration tasks by 80%

Easy reporting, data analysis, and archival

PDF export

Generate PDF files for easy sharing and reporting​ of information


Access hundreds of dashboards on the web and on mobile devices

Excel export

Seamlessly import and export Excel files to and from the platform
Construction defect management PDF export
Construction defect management
Construction defect management Excel export

Real-time access to quality information for all key stakeholders​


“I can track project status from kickoff through delivery right through to handover. I have one place for all my communication which saves time with the contractor – no more emails or mountains of paperwork.”


“I’m able to easily manage all my quality observations all from my mobile phone – it’s easy to manage my ITPS, MARS, track my NCRs, RFIs, resolve STQs and close out snags and punchlists.” 

Project Managers

“I can visualise all the project’s Quality KPIs to monitor project status in real time with dashboards. Reporting to all relevant parties is a breeze with easy customisable reports – exportable in all formats.”

Quality Director

“I’m able to benchmark performance across multiple construction projects and regions. My Novade quality reports integrate with all our existing reporting systems.”


“No more emails, texts and attachments that get lost! Everyone from the contractor to the subcons, even the client has one place and one cloud-based construction defect management system for communicating issues and scheduling quality control checks and inspections. Getting sign-offs is fast and easy with digital signatures.”

Quality Inspectors

“I save a significant amount of time as punch list issues are assigned automatically on the user friendly Novade construction defect management software.”

Novade Quality will substantially improve your business

Reduce costs

Reduce costs on rework and administration by 50%, and defect rectification management by 90%

Improve quality

Drive continuous improvement across your business with a construction quality management software solution

Build relationships

Engage your clients with transparent quality processes from project kickoff, delivery through to handover

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