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Novade Lite contractor app on desktop

Monitor progress in real time

  • Visualise the status of jobs scheduled across all your job sites.
  • Automatically generate site diaries and foster a culture of accountability and transparency.

Effectively manage resources

  • Easily create and assign tasks.
  • Keep your eyes on the job, no matter where you are; remote monitoring reduces time spent on site supervision.
Novade Lite contractor app on desktop

“Novade has been an indispensable tool for streamlining our documentation processes for our inspection team. From checklists to reports, it’s made generating and updating documents a breeze, with real-time access and easy extraction of records.”

– C&W, Singapore

Novade Lite contractor app on desktop

Simplify site coordination

  • Facilitate communication through group chats.
  • Share documentation, specifications, method statements and supplies lists with ease.
  • Control drawing versions so you’re always working with the latest information.

Boost engagement with clients and stakeholders

  • Share progress and reports effortlessly.
  • Manage client contracts and collect client signatures with ease.
  • Document progress meticulously to maintain clear records in case of disputes.
Novade Lite contractor app on desktop

Our applications are used by more than 150,000 users around the world​

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Stay compliant

  • Digitise and automate your HSE compliance processes.
  • Legally safeguard your company while promoting a culture of safety and environmental responsibility.
  • Cut costs associated with safety compliance management by up to 80%.

Deliver high quality standards

  • Digitalise procedures and quality controls.
  • Uphold your reputation for delivering exceptional quality.
  • Reduce quality management costs by up to 80%.
Novade Lite contractor app on desktop

Reduce costs

Save time supervising resources and coordinating jobsites.

Reduce risks

Enforce safety compliance and quality assurance.

Enhance relationships

Collaborate and engage with stakeholders every step of the way.
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What is construction management software?
Construction project management software helps construction businesses, consultants, property developers and other stakeholders collaborate efficiently, manage construction resources, track project progress, and manage compliance. Key features often encompass site diaries, quality control, HSE compliance, document management, workforce management, and equipment management.
Construction software solutions require internet connectivity to synchronise project information for all team members on web and mobile apps. Financial management processes, such as purchase orders and job cost estimates, are typically handled by separate systems like accounting software.

By streamlining processes, a construction management software offers organisations in the construction industry the opportunity to reduce project delays, mitigate risks, control costs, enhance quality, safety, and improve overall project outcomes.