Drive health and safety performance on job sites


Enforce HSE compliance


Build and sustain your safety culture


Reduce HSE management costs

User-friendly safety software

From reactive to proactive – The road to predicting field accidents with over 80% accuracy

New Workplace Safety & Health requirements mandate ePTW for projects over S$3M

Novade’s permit to work software has got you covered!

HSE data in real time – on or off the field


can monitor the status of safety compliance in real time

Safety regulators

can access digital reports to facilitate compliance and communication

Safety managers

can conduct site safety inspections, carry out construction risk assessments, and monitor corrective actions


can submit data from mobile devices and get notified when actions are required.

Novade Hand Arm Vibration Exposure Tracker

Control your worker’s exposure to vibration with the enterprise Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) assurance solution… in the palm of your hand

Fully integrated FM & SHE System for healthcare facilities & estate managers

Work faster, smarter, and safer by digitising all your processes on one, easy-to-use platform

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construction health and safety software digital permits to work

Manage Permits to Work (PTWs) digitally

Effectively enforce high health and safety compliance on your job site

  • Enforce your standards and improve construction safety with first-class Permit to Work software
  • Create electronic Permit to Work templates such as hot work, lifting, work at height, etc.
  • Conduct risk assessments & ensure proper measures are in place before commencing work.
  • Identify workers, view their qualifications and ensure they all have valid credentials
  • Identify equipment, view their certificates and ensure they can operate safely

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Conduct toolbox meetings digitally

  • Easily manage safety toolbox talks with predefined health and safety briefing templates
  • Track workers’ attendance for each meeting
  • Encourage workplace safety and health in construction sites
  • Select and record toolbox topics covered each day
  • Easily generate safety toolbox meetings PDFs

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construction health and safety software toolbox meeting
construction health and safety software digital observations

Collect safety observations 

Build and sustain your health and safety culture

  • Allow workers to report hazard observations from mobile devices
  • Observe safe working practices and provide positive reinforcement
  • Easily create safety observation reports
  • Encourage sharing of best safety practices across projects
  • Follow up with corrective or preventive actions
  • Identify trends to reduce jobsite risks and safeguard workers’ health and safety​

Conduct digital site safety inspections

Assign corrective actions on the spot

  • Lodge non-conformities during inspections
  • Assign corrective actions on the spot with starting date, completion date, and level of severity
  • Create your own construction safety site inspection form templates
  • Generate safety reports automatically
  • Option to customise your site inspection report to match your requirements

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construction health and safety software digital safety inspections
construction health and safety software near miss incident reports

Automate near miss & safety incident reports

Enforce high standards for accurate and detailed reporting

  • Customise digital forms to match your incident, accident, or near miss reports
  • Input information from mobile devices: hazards, hazard sources, root causes, etc.
  • Gather facts efficiently to facilitate investigations and prevent future claims
  • Formulate and monitor corrective and preventive actions
  • Conduct analysis: assess frequency, most common sources, and correlations

Customise safety forms & checklists in minutes​

Or use our existing templates to get started right away


Safety checklists

Easily add checkboxes, combo boxes, dates, buttons, questions


Custom fields

Create and add any type of custom field to your forms

Calculations & formulas

Set up equations to automatically calculate form field values

User-friendly safety software functionalities


Receive email or push notifications when an action is performed on a safety form or checklist

Digital signatures

Digitally approve and sign forms from your mobile device​


Create form templates to set and manage repetitive processes on the job site


Manage personnel safety records

  • Streamline employees’ induction processes
  • Manage Safety Qualifications
  • Manage Work Permits
  • Integrate barcodes and NFC Tag capabilities for ease of use
  • Option to integrate data with existing HR software
construction health and safety software personnel safety records
construction health and safety software equipment records

Manage equipment & machinery safety records

  • Manage equipment and machinery certifications; ensure that equipment and machinery operate in safe and reliable conditions
  • Barcodes and NFC Tag capabilities
  • Option to integrate with heavy equipment management software
  • Option to manage inspections and repair jobs with the Novade Maintenance module

Identify safety issues before they occur

Utilise powerful analytics and predictive models

  • Identify system non-compliances that could lead to incidents
  • Identify patterns and conditions that potentially increase risk levels
  • Gain insights that tell you what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do to fix it
  • Remove obstacles and hazards that interferes with getting the job done well
construction health and safety software data insights

Reduce administration tasks by 80%

With easy HSE data entry, reporting, and analysis

PDF export

Generate PDF files for easy sharing and reporting

Web & mobile dashboards

Access hundreds of dashboards on any device

Excel import & export

Seamlessly import and export Excel files through the platform
construction quality management software administration PDF
construction health and safety software web dashboards
construction quality management software administration Excel spreadsheets

What users are saying about Novade Safety-HSE

“I use the Safety feature to make observation reports, non-conformance reports, or controlling work permits.”

Syahrul Mawardi
HSE Dept
Colas Rail

“With all this information, I can take proactive action for the company to prevent incidents and accidents.”

Darryl Ng
Former Senior WSHO (Corporate)
Hwa Seng Builder

“Novade helps us improve efficiency and communication with subcontractors and reduces the chances for accidents.”

Rex Ip
Able Engineering
Hong Kong

“Relevant department heads can monitor past records to identify reasons for the non-compliances.”

Kenneth Chui
Director of F&B and Housekeeping
Hong Kong

Drive safety performance by changing the way you work

Enforce HSE compliance

Rule-based ensures rigorous enforcement and control on key processes

Build & sustain your safety culture

Gather feedback, achieve your KPIs, and prevent issues before they occur

Reduce HSE management costs

Reduce compliance administration costs by 80% and say goodbye to thousands of paper forms Novade’s construction health and safety software

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