For Civil Engineering


Novade can boost productivity and streamline site processes on your civil engineering project.

Manage projects throughout the entire lifecycle:




All Types of Projects


The Novade platform is used on all types of civil engineering projects, including but not limited to: roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports and airports. Built to scale, Novade is suitable for almost any project type. Let’s Talk >>

See it in Action


Hwa Seng Builder in Singapore uses the Novade system to assess their Permits to Work on site so they can monitor day to day activities. All activities are captured in the Novade system, together with checklists and all of the site’s near-miss reports. Watch It Now >>

Digital Progress Monitoring


For linear projects, access to real-time progress reports is critical to manage projects effectively. This activity is typically labour intensive and can be prone to reporting mistakes. With Novade, data is digitally captured on mobile devices in instantly and can be analyzed to understand cycles and trends. Let’s Talk >>

It won’t break the bank. There is no hidden cost, no additional hardware is required.
No servers to setup or additional IT costs. Deployment is seamless too.

Novade is Used in a Wide Range of Industries