Be ready for the BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP) with Novade​


CSP’s front-end digital solution provider


Worksite access control


Workers Whitelist AccessCode


Remote monitoring systems


Automated daily reports to BCA

Your partner in smart construction​

Novade works hand in hand with Singapore construction firms to comply with BCA and integrate with CSP. Maintain your current workflows as you increase safety, quality and productivity from the ground up.​


Digitise and automate site data collection while integrating seamlessly with the BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP)​


Comply with BCA’s three COVID-Safe Restart Criteria: safe workforce, safe worksite and safe accommodation / transport.​


Drive performance and productivity with real-time data analytics. Be ready anytime for audits, inspections and countermeasures.

Get your 80% ADS grant*

and kick-start your construction site’s digital capabilities.

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Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) IMDA’s pre-approved​ COVID-Safe technology partner​

BCA’s BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform front-end digital solution provider

Implement safe management measures (SMM) ​ in the field with a single site management platform​


Toolbox Meetings


Permits to Work

Safety Forms

Bluetooth Tracing

Thermal Cameras




People Qualifications

Equipment Certifications

AI Cameras & Wearables

Comply with BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria efficiently​

The Novade Safe Restart Package functionalities​

Category Novade’s offerings Safe worksite Safe workforce Safe accommodation Safe transportation
Safe site management Declaration forms
Inspection forms
Actions & observations
Potential cases & incident reports
Toolbox meetings
Transportation forms
Health check Temperature recording & reporting
Integration with thermal scanners
Contact tracing/ Segregation Integration with facial recognition cameras
Location check-in/check-out & registry
Bluetooth contact tracing
Safe distancing Integration with AI cameras
Integration with wearables
Virtual/remote inspections

The leading field management platform​

Beyond safe management measures​


Document management


Bluetooth wearables

Thermal scanners

AI cameras

Facial recognition cameras


SG:D Accredited

SMM Measures



Functionalities to Operate Safely

Automate Builder/
Occupier Daily Report

for submission to BCA

  • Simple submissions for approved-to-work construction sites
  • Easily capture data of personnel entering sites with the 15 different field requirements
  • Choose to mass check-in, self check-in or for visitors to check-in
  • Integrate with information collected from IoT devices
  • Easily export the data via Excel/CSV file for BCA submission

Conduct digital safety inspections

and assign corrective actions on the spot.

  • Conduct inspections and lodge non-conformities 
  • Select standard descriptions;​ take and annotate pictures
  • Assign corrective actions on the spot with starting dates, completion and levels of severity
  • Generate reports automatically; option to customise report format to match client requirements

Assign and monitor
corrective actions

  • Create corrective actions with locations and photos
  • Assign corrective actions to designated persons for rectification works
  • Monitor progression of corrective actions
  • Capture data of before and after rectifications for seamless workflows
  • Generate and archive reports automatically with the option to download for submission to authorities​

Empower teams to keep everyone​ safe

  • Empower workers in the field to report observations with photos from their mobile devices
  • Highlight safe working practices observed to provide positive reinforcement
  • Assign and verify corrective actions remotely for non-compliance

Daily health declaration forms​

  • Daily submission of paperless health declaration forms prior to entering site
  • Remotely review all health declaration forms
  • Maintain digital records for auditing purposes
  • Retrieve records anytime for submission to relevant authorities

Potential cases and
incident reports

  • Customise digital forms to help manage potential and confirmed cases
  • Input detailed information such as workers’ particulars and symptoms
  • Attach documents required by the authorities
  • Generate and archive reports automatically with the option to download for submission to authorities

Prioritise health and safety with digital​ toolbox meetings

  • Engage your teams: reinforce focus on health and safety basics and good practices to prevent COVID-19​
  • Ensure all employees are briefed on safety procedures​
  • Record safe attendance via a contactless process
  • Remotely review all meetings conducted at a glance
  • Maintain digital records for auditing purposes

Manage movement with transportation forms

  • Track vehicle movement with assigned vehicle numbers and drivers
  • Manage personnel in designated vehicles through a contactless process
  • Remotely review all records at a glance
  • Maintain digital records for auditing purposes

Easily record and
report body temperature

  • Capture and record body temperature with QR codes
  • Track the location and time of temperature taken via a contactless process
  • Remotely review all records up to 28 days
  • Maintain digital records for auditing purposes


IoT integration –
Thermal scanners​​

  • Automate temperature taking for field operators entering and leaving the worksite
  • Tag each worker’s temperature to their profile using facial recognition
  • Deny entry to persons detected with high body temperature
  • Integrate seamlessly with Novade’s platform through API
  • Retrieve data from a single source of information

Control movement with location tracking​

  • Check in and out with QR codes
  • Monitor site movement remotely and efficiently with real-time updates from the field
  • Identify non-compliance and take corrective actions promptly
  • Export data easily with a user-friendly interface for audit purposes

IoT integration – Facial recognition cameras​​​

  • Facial recognition for field operators entering and leaving the worksite
  • Prevent unauthorised personnel from entering site
  • Integrate seamlessly with the Novade platform
  • Retrieve data quickly with a single source of information

Contact tracing with Bluetooth​​

  • Bluetooth contact tracing is enabled for all registered personnel on their mobile devices
  • Retrieve records of those who come in close contact with approximate time and duration
  • Identify non-compliance and take corrective actions promptly
  • Export information easily for reporting or auditing purposes


IoT integration –
AI cameras and wearables​​

  • Monitor for any violations of safe distancing measures with AI cameras
  • Detect unsafe behaviours: e.g. workers not wearing masks, overcrowding, etc.
  • ​​Get alerted by wearables when workers come in close contact
  • Integrate with the Novade platform to facilitate real-time notifications and reporting

*Requires purchase of hardware

Conduct contactless
and virtual inspections​​​​

  • Reduce number of inspectors on site
  • Pre-defined and contactless approval process
  • Notify subcontractors remotely of any non-compliance
  • Monitor the status of all safety controls in real time
  • Option to include Novade’s Quality module to digitalise quality checks and reduce costs of rework

Drive performance and productivity with​ real-time data analytics.​​

Get 80% ADS grants to deploy Novade Safe Restart for your construction sites

and integrate IMDA pre-approved hardware & software to ensure Safe Management Measures (SMM) on your construction sites and comply with BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart criteria.

*IMDA’s Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) grant ends Q3 2021.