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Digital transformation from the ground up​

Identify repetitive tasks

Say goodbye to manual forms and lost paperwork

Digitise your processes

All users are connected on one easy-to-use digital platform​

Improve performance

Optimise for efficiency with real-time data, insight and analytics​​

Stay Compliant

Don’t let noncompliance ruin your schedule… or your reputation​​

  • Digitise and automate field processes to enforce compliance
  • Reduce compliance management costs by 80%
  • Protect your company legally and contractually
safety reports on web and mobile application
construction site reports on Novade's cloud based field management software

Track Progress

Deliver on time, every time

  • Capture field data in real time with the mobile app
  • Monitor tasks progress, workforce activities, equipment usage and supplies deliveries
  • Involve clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers

It’s your data. Don’t waste it.​

Reduce costs, improve performance and scale​

Make smarter, faster and safer decisions using your field data to:

  • Improve safety, environmental performance and deliver quality on time, every time
  • Improve workforce and assets productivity
  • Better manage contractors and suppliers and bid smarter
Cosntruction field data and analytics dashboards on web-based software