Novade Road Construction management software


Track material quantities to minimise deviations and facilitate payment claims

Enforce QHSE compliance
Capture and analyse reliable, real-time, cross-disciplinary field data
construction health and safety software digital permits to work

Monitor progress in real time

  • Monitor daily activities, workforce hours and machinery usage
  • Track material quantities, compare actuals with targets and minimise deviations
  • Track all removed material and get all your work paid
  • Record time and resources spent on unplanned and extra work for future claims
  • Gather reliable data and and track production rates for earthworks, drainage and pipework, concrete works, pavement and asphalt

Enforce rigorous quality assurance

  • Build digital ITPs, conduct inspections and material approval in the field
  • Keep track of soil, asphalt and concrete lab tests
  • Track excavated materials disposal
  • Manage work lot allocation digitally, inspect completed phases before commencing works on upper layers
  • Manage defects, NCRs and corrective actions
“Our objective in digitisation is to enable our people to focus on their essential duties and avoid wasting time on data processing or re-processing.”
– Xavier Abad, Project Director, Spie Batignolles

Enforce HSE compliance

  • Automate permits-to-work submissions and approvals
  • Digitise toolbox meetings and track workers’ attendance
  • Empower teams to report observations from their mobile devices
  • Follow up on hazardous situations with corrective or preventive actions
  • Manage incidents reports digitally
  • Leverage data captured in the field to improve HSE performance

Effectively manage your workforce

  • Keep employee registers up to date
  • Conduct newcomers’ induction with the mobile and web app
  • Consolidate information on all employees, including qualifications and trainings
  • Easily access all employees’ information in the field with QR codes or NFC tags

Novade is used on iconic road projects across the world

A79 road project

A480 Highway Extension

A79 road project

E18 Motorway

A79 road project

A79 Highway project

Novade Hwa Seng Builder bridge construction

LTA project

Tangible business benefits

Reduce QHSE compliance costs
With automated processes and data analysis
Control material costs and facilitate claims
By tracking quantities in real time

Reduce supervision costs
With remote controls and approvals

Select the right solution

Working on small projects?
Try Novade Lite for free.

Working on large scale operations?
Novade Enterprise is for you.

What is road construction software?

Road construction software is a digital solution designed to streamline and optimise road construction projects. It is accessible both in the field on mobile devices to capture data, and on desktops in the office for reviewing and analysing data. It offers key features such as real-time progress tracking, quality and safety management, workforce management, and equipment management. This comprehensive approach ensures enhanced project efficiency and success.