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by | Jan 30, 2024 | Novade Lite Blog

Whether you’re planning a holiday to a hermit’s cottage in the middle of a lake or looking for your dream home, location is king (or queen). Usually the word is chanted three times like a magic mantra (cue the Harry Potter music). Location is equally important on job sites. More specifically managers need to know that field processes are being conducted on site and not with a pair of slippers on by the fireside of the aforementioned hermit’s cottage or they need to have a precise location of an inspection on large sites.

With our latest release, we have introduced Geolocation of Form workflows steps. This is a feature available to paid customers; it is optional and can be turned off on form templates that need more privacy. But when the geolocation is turned on, every stage of the workflow and where it was conducted is visualised on a map view giving managers full visibility on where work is being conducted on site (or off site ;)).

Here are a few scenarios where this feature could be useful:

  • Site inspection and audits: During inspections, geolocated forms can pinpoint the exact location of any issues or non-compliance found. This ensures accurate and efficient follow-up.
  • Progress tracking: For large construction projects, geolocated forms can help in tracking the progress of different sections or phases. Workers can update the status of their work along with the location, making it easier to visualise project progress on a map.
  • Incident reporting: In case of accidents or safety incidents, geolocated forms can provide the exact location of the incident, which is crucial for emergency response and future safety planning.
  • Resource allocation: By knowing where different teams and resources are, project managers can efficiently allocate resources and manpower where they are most needed.
  • Quality control: When performing quality checks, tagging locations ensures that any issues are recorded with their exact location, making it easier to address specific problems.
  • Equipment tracking: For monitoring the location of heavy machinery or equipment, geolocated forms can help in asset management and reduce the chances of theft or misplacement.
  • Time tracking and workforce management: Knowing where employees are working can help in managing work hours and ensuring labour compliance.
  • Client updates and reporting: Providing clients with reports that include geolocated information can offer them a clearer understanding of how their project is progressing.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance: Ensuring that work is being carried out in the permitted areas and adhering to zoning laws can be efficiently managed with geolocated data.
  • Post-construction services: For maintenance and warranty work post-construction, having a geolocated history of the construction phases can help in quickly identifying and resolving issues.

Link to article on Geolocation of Forms

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