Adera and Novade Integration

Seamlessly check in and out through contactless processes using the Adera facial recognition camera. Manage site movement, monitor body temperature records, and receive alerts when site movement exceeds a specific temperature threshold.

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  • Send registered users’ profile data from Novade to Adera
  • Send attendance and temperature records from Adera to Novade
  • Automate temperature monitoring including alerts for temperature thresholds


  • Ensure safety with contactless processes 
  • No more silos – easily transfer data between Adera and your Novade platform 
  • Accurate facial recognition – high success rate even with a mask on 
  • One source of truth – teams on or off the field can control attendance records and temperature records through the Novade platform 
  • Fast and easy to set up the integration  

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    Adera thermal scanner is powered by face recognition which digitally automates your attendance and temperature taking the hygienic and efficient way.

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