Ascent and Novade Connect Integration

Welcome to seamless and contactless check-in and check-out process. Seamlessly integrate your workforce and attendance data.

Automate your site entry with thermal scanners and facial recognition to control authorised access and egress.

Field Management Software

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User Profile Data

Attendance and
Temperature Records

Thermal Scanner System


  • Sends user profiles data from Novade to Ascent platform
  • Brings attendance and temperature records from Ascent onto Novade platform
  • Automated temperature monitoring and recording including alerts for temperature thresholds


  • No more silos – easily transfer data between Ascent and your Novade platform
  • Accurate facial recognition – even with a mask with a high success rate
  • One source of truth – teams on or off the field can control attendance records including temperature records on your Novade platform
  • Control access and egress of authorised personnel with automated site entry
  • Fast and easy to set up the integration

Integration requirements

  • Novade Connect Subscription
  • Ascent Thermal Scanner
  • Ascent serial numbers to map to respective projects in Novade
  • For each user: username, project, and photo for biometric recognition

Partner information

Ascent was founded in 2010 by a team that brought with them decades of defense related technology expertise and knowledge about supply chain logistics. They believed that a gap existed whereby the technology they were working on had greater applications to the world at large and not just for defense.

Their combined know how and passion for entrepreneurship has allowed Ascent to identify market gaps in exciting markets and capitalize on them through innovation. This brought Ascent success in developing markets in East Africa, West Africa, Middle East and South East Asia through our pioneering bonded and transit cargo tracking programs as early as 2011.

Ascent has continued on this journey of problem solving through innovation which has allowed us to grow horizontally into new industries through new solution offerings that touch on non-motorized fleet management tracking, security tracking, asset tracking, inventory tracking and smart city applications. Our ability to provide secure end to end solutions that cater to commercial and industrial requirements allows us to create value for customers and partners alike.

More information

Click here for technical details on how to integrate Ascent into your Novade platform.

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