Novade Maintenance



The enterprise app to manage scheduled maintenance and repair work.


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Plan, Inspect, Repair, Report

Novade Maintenance helps schedule and automate inspections in the field, track repair activities and generate real-time reports.

Novade Maintenance is a collaborative system:

  • Technicians can access and input data on assets during inspections.
  • Managers can plan, monitor and validate inspections.
  • Customers can request repair jobs and access reports.

Novade Maintenance can substantially impact your business:

Boost Productivity

Effective planning, efficient processes, no more time wasted in reporting.

Increase Asset Lifecycle

Make the right decisions with access to asset information and powerful analytics.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With a solution that facilitates communication with clients.

Create, Customise & Manage Your Database

  • Import data from Excel or use our web services and APIs to exchange data with your existing enterprise solution.
  • Add specific fields to match your current database structure.
  • Create custom checklists for each type of asset with customisable approval workflows.
  • Locate and access asset data with GPS tagging, barcode scanning, or NFC Tags.
  • Manage maintenance contracts and spare parts.

Manage Preventive Maintenance

  • Schedule inspections and meter reading jobs online.
  • Notify technicians in real time.
  • Complete and submit maintenance checklists.
  • Approve and archive reports.
  • Access data analytics in real time on all your assets.

Requests & Repairs

  • Collect requests from users with a mobile application.
  • Assign repair jobs to technicians in real time.
  • Approve and archive repair jobs.
  • Check time spent on each job.
  • Monitor Assets’ service level agreements.
  • Conduct data analytics on all your assets.

Generate Reports & Conduct Analytics


Pre-defined dashboards to help teams track statistics on various projects.

Download & Export

All information can be easily downloaded or exported in Excel & PDF formats.


Custom PDFs

Pre-defined reports for inspections, work instructions, rectification acknowledgement.

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