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 A Global Business with a Local Touch


At Novade, we work closely with our clients to help drive their digital transformation. We have a strong expertise and passion for new technology, along with a deep understanding of how companies in the building and construction industry operate.

Novade Management


Denis Branthonne

CEO & Founder

Denis believes in a hands-on approach to building things and when he’s not presenting to bigwigs and wooing investors, he can be found on construction sites getting his hands and his shoes dirty trying to make sure that Novade’s software stays true to the way people work.

Sanjay Kewlani

Product & Services Director

Sanjay is a technophile with a Masters degree in Architecture and has over 25 years of experience in the fields of architecture and IT; he is also a professional photographer and has had his photographs featured in a number of design magazines.

Eugene Low

Co-Founder & CSO

Eugene is a self-made man. After a stint in management of construction sites, he has built one of the Southeast Asia’s most successful software reseller and services businesses focused primarily on building and construction software. Eugene is Novade’s Co-founder and Chief Sales Officer.

Gautier Bayzelon

Development Manager

Gautier is an adrenaline junkie who loves travelling the world. Having studied in France and China, he is equally comfortable ordering a pain au chocolat in Paris or chuan’rs from a street vendor in Beijing.

Bruno Suard

General Manager, Novade Europe

Bruno is an entrepreneur with a solid track record within small and large international organisations. He also funded 2 startups in mobile P2P service and in pre-fab construction. Bruno studied at École Polytechnique in France and at MIT in the US, where he met Denis.

Our Culture


At Novade, we believe that diversity brings fresh perspectives to the table. We are pragmatic, and incorporate a hands-on approach to solving problems. We are firm believers in the ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy. 

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