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A Global Business with a Local Touch


We work closely with our clients to help drive their digital transformation. We have a strong expertise and passion for new technology, along with a deep understanding of how companies in the building and construction industry operate. Plus, we’re dedicated to improving your site productivity.​

20-20: Celebrating Diversity

The building and construction industry is diverse in nature with multiple languages spoken on large construction sites. At Novade, we embrace the diversity of our clients. We operate in over 20 countries across Asia and Europe, and the team is made up of over 20 nationalities.

Diversity is a key attribute of our culture. We value opinions and contributions from employees with diverse backgrounds. For us, “connecting the dots”, integrating diverse ideas from various sources is a major source of innovation.​

At Novade, we celebrate diversity.​

Novade is Led by a World-Class Team

Denis Branthonne

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Denis is a business leader with a track record in building global teams and achieving market leadership. He grew up in France, studied at MIT in the US and is deeply connected to Asia. Denis believes in a hands-on approach to building things; when he’s not presenting to bigwigs, he can be found on construction sites making sure that Novade software stays true to the way people work.

Eugene Low

Co-founder – APAC

Eugene is a board member and leads business in APAC, he is a ‘born entrepreneur’ and expert in construction solutions and technology. After a stint managing construction sites, Eugene has built Southeast Asia’s most successful software reseller and services businesses focused primarily on building and construction software.

Bruno Suard

General Manager – EMEA

Bruno is a board member and leads business in Europe and the Middle East and has a solid track record in developing businesses within large organizations. He also founded two startups, the first in mobile peer-to-peer software, the second in prefab construction. Bruno studied at Ecole Polytechnique in France and at MIT in the US.

Sanjay Kewlani

Senior Director – Products

Sanjay oversees product design and leads the product and services teams in Asia. Sanjay has 25 years’ experience in the fields of architecture and IT and holds a Master’s degree in Architecture. Sanjay is also a professional photographer and has had his photographs featured in a number of design magazines.

Gautier Bayzelon

Senior Director – Technology

Gautier leads the development and data science team. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science from the prestigious Tsinghua University in China and Supelec in France. Gautier is an adrenaline junkie who loves travelling the world.

The Novade Culture

Customer Focused

Solving problems for customers is a priority for all of us. Our team is always ready to help customers around the world.


Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence, and contributions of all team members.


We believe that diversity brings fresh perspectives to the table and is a critical source of innovation.

Results Driven

Delivering results matters. It positively impacts us, our clients, the construction industry and society at large.


We are firm believers in the ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy. At Novade, we take fun very seriously.

Constant Improvement

Each employee has the opportunity to learn and develop their personal and professional skill sets.

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