Easily track and monitor Permits to Work (PTWs) on site with new updates

Pinned Permits to Work (PTWs) on site plans will show you more information in a single glance. Novade Safety-HSE users can now track submitted and valid PTWs in a certain area and make informed decisions and manage conflict efficiently.

In Novade Maintenance, new fields have been added for inspections. Users can effortlessly sort inspections by priorities, classifications, as well as specify durations for each job.

Novade Quality

  • Web – Added a Reinspect button to Failed Inspections
  • Added a Final Inspection Date in Inspection phase to restrict the lodging of defects after that date
  • Renamed the Duplicate button in Inspections to Resubmit
  • Added a new field in Defects called “Additional Information” for Homeowners
  • Added multiple filters to custom dashboards
  • Modified the behaviour of Proposed Date and Scheduled Date in Request for Inspections to be blank instead of the current date
  • Web – Removed the Duplicate button from the top bar which is redundant in view of the Resubmit button
  • Fixed issues:
    • The defect assignee selection list showing companies where users do not have the right to complete defects
    • Additional columns Predicted Completion Date and Predicted Completion Days were showing in tabs other than WIP
    • The screen freezing when editing a form
    • The history tab showing an error message instead of the new defect status
    • The column Nb. Of Days WIP not displaying in the Defects table view
    • Exporting to PDF from Dashboard Designer

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Safety is now linked to the new Assets module
  • Changed the UI of Scan QR code for Units to match that on Quality
  • Added the ability to Export Excel of the PTW – To Do list
  • Mobile – Added the ability to add Assets to a PTW by scanning QR code
  • Fixed issues:
    • Users seeing editable states they are not assigned to
    • The certificate not displaying for Assets linked to a PTW

Novade Reports

  • Web:
    • Added the ability to export the list of cycles of a specific unit/all the units of the project in an excel file
    • Added the ability to export all the activities of a project in the same tab of an excel file (before that it was only possible to export them in different tabs, one per activity template)
    • Added the ability to display all the bonus types in the workforce table of a report, even the ones for which no bonus has been added yet
  • Fixed issues:
    • API issue about some requests returning timeout errors
    • Diaries that could not be exported because weather data was missing
    • Some activities not displayed in some diaries
    • Syncing errors after deleting a diary template section
    • Some values not displayed with the correct number of decimal places in the activities summary dashboard

Novade Maintenance

  • Added a new field “Inspection Priority” for Inspections and Recurring Events
  • Added a new field “Expected Duration” for Inspections, Recurring Events and Jobs to be able to assign resources more efficiently
  • Added a new field “Inspection Classifications” in Inspections and Recurring Events to assist in assigning people with the right skillset
  • Fixed issues:
    • User not being able to add Assets after creating an Inspection
    • Filters not working when adding assets to a Job
    • Submitting Jobs when the job is assigned to a group

Novade People

  • Fixed an issue with apostrophes not being allowed in Company Names

Project Center

  • Added an option at the form template level to ensure that users need to synchronize forms before submitting and to prevent offline users from editing forms created from those templates
  • Added the ability to filter projects by custom fields
  • Added a new field type “Scan QR code” to enable the filling of form fields easier
  • Added the ability to use Project custom fields in Dashboard Designer
  • Project Center is now linked to the Assets module
  • Fixed issues:
    • Formulas breaking when the position of a constituent field is changed
    • Unable to fill in users in two fields in a form workflow configuration
    • Projects linked to a company being deleted when one project data is deleted
    • Web users were able to bypass the check to enforce a selfie instead of signature if not webcam is detected
    • Adding users to a workflow


  • Expiring Certification notifications are sent via email
  • Fixed issues:
    • Speed in accessing meters when there are a lot of meters
    • Meter filters not working
    • Dates on logs
    • Navigating between certificates

Novade Connect

  • Added the ability to retrieve persons from both department and sub-department from Pensees thermal scanner cloud
  • Fixed issues:
    • Duplicate records when clicked on “Sync People” button on Thermal Scanner Group
    • Pensees server timed out, and re-run all failed jobs