Novade Quality

  • Added the ability to filter by multiple blocks in the Quality Defects Dashboards
  • Added the ability for users to sort the subforms table by clicking on the column headers to toggle between ascending and descending order (alphanumeric)
  • Added new parameters for Form & File APIs to retrieve their details

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed the behaviour of Meeting Types on the left pane
  • Web — Added a filter button for PTW in To Do list pages
  • Added the ability for users to create a safety form as a shortcut

Novade Reports

  • Added the ability to make an asset available in all the projects of a site by assigning this asset to this site
  • Web — Added a “My Actions” filter in all dashboards to enable the user to only display the reports on which they have a specific action to do
  • Added the ability to input a start time and an end time in an absence
  • Added the ability to input a decimal value for equipment count & headcount broken down on activities
  • API — Added the ability to create an activity template and its custom fields at once
  • Added an option to display activities in chronological order in the PDF export of a report, instead of alphabetical order

Novade Maintenance

  • Added the ability to set start times for recurring events and select multiple days of the week for weekly recurring events