Webinar - From reactive to proactive - The road to predicting field accidents with over 80% accuracy

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About this Webinar

Are you concerned about safety on your construction sites? Are costly accidents draining your profits and morale? Do you feel like you’re missing valuable insights that could prevent accidents and improve overall well-being?

Imagine a world where prevention replaces reaction in construction safety. A world where field data and artificial intelligence (AI) work tirelessly to identify risks before they strike, and actionable insights empower you to enforce compliance with ease.

In this upcoming webinar, Novade dives deep into the transformative power of field data analysis for construction safety.

Join us as we explore how leading contractors like Tiong Seng Contractors and Kier Group are leveraging data-driven safety and AI to reduce costs associated with accidents, downtime, and insurance premiums.

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  • Leveraging data and AI to identify and mitigate safety risks before they turn into accidents​
  • The concrete impact data analysis and insights can have on your safety culture and compliance
  • Real-world examples of how construction businesses are using data to enforce safety protocols
  • Potential of AI to completely transform construction safety management


Simon Rogers

Group Head of Business Assurance,
Kier Group plc

A long-term programme and change leader who has the dubious distinction of forgetting to step back when sticky initiatives need driving. This has taken him through a multitude of roles and industry sectors mostly on a consulting basis. Simon started in construction as a graduate and has come back to it, having now been with Kier for over 13 years through thick and thin.

Hélène Menthon

Data Analytics Senior Manager,
Novade Solutions

Hélène, a seasoned construction and technology professional with over 7 years of experience spanning Europe and Asia, currently serves as the Senior Manager for Data Analytics at Novade. She is a passionate advocate for leveraging data-driven insights to revolutionise the construction industry, focusing on enhancing safety, quality, and overall performance.

Kevin Seet

Head of Corporate Division,
Tiong Seng Contractors

Specialising in Workplace Safety and Health, Kevin started his career with the Government of which he had contributed actively to the safety landscape within the public sector. At Tiong Seng, Kevin led the Environmental Safety and Health (EHS) Department in effecting a company wide shift in its safety paradigm as well as improving its EHS performance. Kevin is currently the Head of the Corporate Division which oversees others areas including Human Resource, Digital infrastructure as well as Research and Development.


Ben Shanks

Senior Sales Director,
Novade Solutions

Ben is a people-focused leader with a passion for driving continual improvement and innovation. Over the last 20 years, his experiences across Construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Specialty Chemicals, and related industry sectors has provided a strong foundational knowledge of engineering, project management, HSE practices, compliance, operational efficiencies, and growth strategies.

As the Senior Director, Ben focuses on empowering clients and those managing site/field activities to harness the power of digital tools to improve Safety, Quality, & Progress Tracking while significantly reducing the administrative burden.