As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline workflows and optimise task management, we have implemented changes to enhance focus and efficiency for all subcontractors. Moving forward, subcontractors will solely have access:

  • Forms they created
  • Forms created by someone from his company with actionable tasks assigned to them
  • And forms where they’re listed as attendees

They won’t have access to all forms created by their colleagues, including drafts, anymore. This change aims to ensure that subcontractors can concentrate on their specific tasks without unnecessary distractions or information overload from unrelated forms.

However, supervisors within your company may be granted the capability to view all forms created by your company’s subcontractors. This access will allow supervisors to oversee and manage the broader scope of form submissions, ensuring coordination and coherence across various tasks.

The change will be effective for PTW, Meeting and safety forms from Wednesday, 24 January 2024, onwards.

If you have any concerns or require further clarification regarding this adjustment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to contact us on [email protected].

Thank you,

The Novade Team