We are making some changes to our APIs. In order to ensure that the API server is available to all customers, we are modifying the API endpoints that accept a date range as a parameter and limiting the range to a maximum of seven days.

These changes will take effect immediately on the APAC server. Any updates to the EU server will be communicated later.

Customers may continue to use the same endpoints as before.

List of endpoints impacted:

  • /since/:application/:entity/:date?toDate=1601827200000 – Get the latest records
  • /quality/since/:entity/:date?toDate=1601827200000 – Get the latest records
  • /maintenance/since/:entity/:date?form=1&toDate=1601827200000 – Get jobs since
  • /safety/since/actions/:date?toDate – Get the latest actions
  • /people/temperaturechecks/:since?toDate=1601827200000 – Get the latest records
  • /forms/since/:date?toDate=:date&projectid=:id – Get the latest forms based on filtering parameters
  • /files/since/:date?toDate=:date&linkedrecid=:id – Get the latest files based on filtering parameters

We recognise that this change may affect your plans, and we are working hard to minimise any potential impact.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions about how this change will affect you by sending us an email at [email protected]

Thank you,

The Novade Team