Be ready for the BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP) with Novade​


CSP’s front-end digital solution provider


SMM Compliance monitoring


Worksite access control


Workers Whitelist AccessCode


Daily reports to BCA


Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS)

Novade wins Impact Award at the Built Environment Demo Day 2021

The all-in-one platform to ensure compliance with
Safe Management Measures (SMM)​

Novade helps contractors meet the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)’s​
COVID-Safe Restart Criteria, including the management of​
SAFE Workforce | SAFE Worksite | SAFE Accommodation | SAFE Transportation​


Digitise and automate site data collection while integrating seamlessly with the BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP)​


Comply with BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria: SAFE workforce, SAFE worksite and SAFE accommodation & SAFE transport


Drive performance and productivity with real-time data analytics. Be ready anytime for audits, inspections and countermeasures

Integrate with BCA’s BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP)

Novade is the official front-end digital provider of CSP, facilitating the deployment
of the BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform across Singapore’s building and construction industry.

Implement Safe Management Measures (SMM)​ in the field with a single site management platform​


SMM compliance monitoring


Workers Whitelist AccessCode


Worksite access control


Movement control (Zoning)


Health declarations & visitor management


Temperature records


Contactless Inspection


Personnel Entering Site Report


Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS)

Location QR code check-in

Bluetooth Tracing

Thermal Cameras

AI Cameras & Wearables

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Functionalities to Operate Safely

SMM compliance dashboard

  • Instant overview of workers on site by day/week/month
  • Leave visibility of how many workers are presently on annual/medical leave
  • Suspected cases identifier
  • AccessCode green/red identifier
  • Export data easily with a user-friendly interface for audit purposes

Control movement with location tracking​

  • Check in and out with QR codes
  • Monitor site movement remotely and efficiently with real-time updates from the field
  • Identify non-compliance and take corrective actions promptly
  • Export data easily with a user-friendly interface for audit purposes
  • Integrate with SafeEntry and TraceTogether

Identify whitelisted workers

  • Utilise digital tools to streamline the process of verifying workers before entering the job site
  • Keep records of worksite entrance/exit and temperatures of each individual worker

Whitelist AccessCode

Traditional Process

Step 1

Open the last Excel file

Step 2

Download AccessCode from MOM

Step 3

Cross check between the two

Step 4

Update list to show current Green/Red AccessCode status

Step 5

On-site manual flagging and double-checking

Digital Process with Novade

Step 1

Download the AccessCode
from MOM

Step 2

Import into Novade

Step 3

Automatic Flagging

Daily health declaration and visitor management

  • Daily Health Declaration
    • Easily create accounts and records for all employees
    • Simplify administration for the induction process
    • Effortlessly collect Health Declarations of all employees
    • Trace the last 28 days of Health Status updates
  • Visitor Management
    • Scan a QR Code and fill up the visitor form
    • Automated consolidation of records for submission to BCA e.g. Personnel entering site report

Temperature Taking
– Thermal Scanners

  • Features
    • Automated temperature-taking process for workers entering and exiting the worksite
    • Facial recognition links workers’ temperatures with their individual accounts
    • Automatic synchronisation of data from thermal scanners to the Novade Platform via API
  • Advantages
    • Single platform that provides comprehensive data and improves productivity by streamlining the temperature-taking process
    • Improves safety with contactless temperature-taking for field operators entering and leaving the worksite

Conduct digital safety inspections

and assign corrective actions on the spot.

  • Conduct inspections and lodge non-conformities 
  • Select standard descriptions;​ take and annotate pictures
  • Assign corrective actions on the spot with starting dates, completion and levels of severity
  • Generate reports automatically; option to customise report format to match client requirements

Mandatory Reports – BCA

  • Features
    • Streamline process of collecting all necessary data
    • Reports can be easily exported to submit to BCA
      • Personnel Entering Site Report
      • Report on confirmed COVID Positive Case (COVID+)
      • Electronic Productivity Submission System


IoT integration –
Thermal scanners​​

  • Automate temperature taking for field operators entering and leaving the worksite
  • Tag each worker’s temperature to their profile using facial recognition
  • Deny entry to persons detected with high body temperature
  • Integrate seamlessly with Novade’s platform through API
  • Retrieve data from a single source of information

IoT integration –
AI cameras and wearables​​

  • Monitor for any violations of safe distancing measures with AI cameras
  • Detect unsafe behaviours: e.g. workers not wearing masks, overcrowding, etc.
  • ​​Get alerted by wearables when workers come in close contact
  • Integrate with the Novade platform to facilitate real-time notifications and reporting

*Requires purchase of hardware

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