How Eiffage Génie Civil Used Novade to Boost Productivity on its Large Tunnelling Project


12,300 Reports Lodged


80% Reduced Time Spent on Admin


Monitored Project Progress in Real Time

Generated Reports Easily

Captured Best Practices


12,300 Reports Lodged


80% Reduced Time Spent on Admin


Monitored Project Progress in Real Time


Generated Reports Easily


Captured Best Practices


Eiffage Génie Civil successfully completed the construction of Galerie des Janots tunnel with the Novade platform. Their goals were to facilitate online data entry for easy retrieval, streamline site operations, increase visibility and monitor progress, and to increase productivity on site.

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    • Galerie des Janots water tunnel in La Ciotat, southern France
    • 2.8km tunnel with 440 litres per second of water conveyance capacity
    • Water access to communities east of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis – Cassis, Roquefort-la-Bédoule, La Ciotat and Ceyreste
    • Completed in 2019


    • Facilitate the process of data entry online for easy retrieval
    • Streamline site operations
    • Attain visibility and easily monitor project progress
    • Increase on-site productivity
    • Digitise site reports


    • More than 4 teams and 30 people on site daily
    • Seeking to digitise site reports with huge amount of data
    • Reduce on-site redundancy
    • Extensive time spent on paperwork that leads to low productivity
    • Low visibility on the project’s progress


    • Eiffage Génie Civil, civil engineering arm of Eiffage Group


    • Novade Platform


    • All data are consolidated on a single integrated platform
    • Project progress was updated and accessible in real-time
    • Data easily captured and managed on the Novade platform
    • Paperwork processes digitised
    • More than 12,300 reports lodged with approximately 8,000 photos captured using mobile devices in 10 months


    • Increased transparency across projects and captured best practices which led to efficient project turnover
    • Improved productivity and quality; saved time and increased traceability
    • Reports were easily generated and updated
    • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks by 80%
    • Saved time by taking and annotating photos within Novade forms, avoiding long explanations in reports

A Vital Tunnel

As one of the biggest civil engineering companies in Europe with over 72,000 staff, French-based Eiffage Génie Civil has been designing and constructing ground-breaking engineering structures since 1992. Completed in 2019, their project to build the Galerie des Janots tunnel is one such example.

They were contracted to build a 2.8km tunnel with a water conveyance capacity of 440 litres per second in La Ciotat in the south of France for communities east of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis to access the water it carries. This is especially helpful for the communities during the summer months since the original pipes had experienced significant water loss and safety issues.

A big project like Galerie des Janots comes with huge amounts of data and paperwork. Prior to this, Eiffage Génie Civil had created a sizable database from past operations but was struggling to effectively harness the data and turn it into actionable insights. Furthermore, before embarking on this project, Eiffage Génie Civil had already anticipated low productivity rates and was seeking out a digital solution.

The team also foresaw a substantial workforce on-site on a daily basis. This would have inevitably created more paperwork and delayed site reports, with low levels of oversight from the management.

Introducing the Novade Platform

After speaking with Novade’s service consultants, Eiffage Génie Civil decided to adopt Novade to digitise and streamline their entire site processes. Their goals were simple: to facilitate online data entry for easy retrieval, streamline site operations, increase visibility and monitor progress, and to increase productivity on site.

Eiffage Génie Civil used the Novade app to fill forms such as their shift reports, excavations reports, concreting reports and other checklists. The Novade platform helped the management to collaborate, manage and monitor works in the field, all while remaining contactless.

Novade Eiffage Genie Civil tunnel site engineer

Seamless Project Monitoring

Novade application’s real-time capabilities and convenience quickly won over Loïc Thévenot, Underground Works Division Director, and his colleagues.

The photo function within the application enabled site engineer Thomas Delorme to simplify long reports and explanations. The photos, which can be annotated, were integrated into quality control forms and reports to allow his site teams to communicate better and faster.

Novade Eiffage Genie Civil tunnel app
“After 10 months of construction, we have more than 7,000 photos in the database. The use is recurrent and almost systematic on each form,” shared Delorme. Over the life of the project, the team generated more than 12,300 reports from site and captured over 23,000 pictures with their mobile devices.

Project Director, Marc Dhiersat shared, “The purpose of digitisation is to avoid redundancy on site throughout the entire quality and information monitoring process. The objective of having the information online allows us to recover and utilise data that is continuously updated.”

“Having the (digitised) information online allows us to recover and utilise data that is continuously updated. The Novade platform allows users to find information easily.”

– Marc Dhiersat, Project Director, Eiffage Génie Civil

Keeping Up in Real-Time

With more than four teams and 30 employees working on the Galerie des Janots each day, the process of recording, collecting, and analysing site reports, became a tedious process. Not only was it difficult to track progress, but it also limited their abilities to integrate best practices for this project.

“There has been an immediate productivity gain. We have access to the database at any time, and we have dashboards available on different projects which gives us instant updates on the progress of the site(s).”

– Loïc Thévenot, Underground Works Division Director, Eiffage Génie Civil

Novade enabled the teams at Eiffage Génie Civil to easily record equipment usage on site and store data on its cloud servers to gain visibility across projects.
Novade Eiffage Genie Civil tunnel quality inspection
This reduced administrative tasks by 80% – an immediate productivity gain. According to Thévenot, the dashboards have made it easier for him and others to systematically retrieve data for analysing and identifying patterns, trends, and best practices across all projects.

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